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nl Regret
LMS settings- admin pls check on 27.01.12 01:11, Last edited: 03.02.12 17:16
I've been talking with h3ll about it and I thought that it was a good idea to suggest it.

little about myself:
I'm the cupleader of Regret's LMS cup

Some of my matches can't be aired here on ETTv/ cause you simply can't vote on a single player to win.
LMS stands for last man standing.

Now my question, can't implement a requesting service that is special for LMS?
If you worry about the gbooky, can't it be like on the dog tracks? there you can vote for like 10 different kinds of dogs and the odds are different etc.

May be a weird example but it's the only example I could think of.

I'm going to host a lot more of my LMS cups and I hope that you guys from will find this a good idea and implement this little thing :-)
Several cups have been played already and people really respond positively to it!

pl Robert
seeing mental won it's not a weird example at all :D rather than changing gbooky, just disable gbook for LMS games and watch them for fun
nl Regret
Best players do win in lms ;-)
de cl4ym4n
Personally I don't think it's worth the effort. LMS isn't exactly one of the most popular game modes in ET and attempted revivals in the form of cups and stuff usually don't last that long enough to make the work of implementing proper features for stuff like this worthwhile. The number of signups for your cup and the total viewer count for both matches simply imply that there's not really that much interest in this, so I'd guess it's more of a short-term phase, like that Hide&Seek stuff or those baserace matches. But ultimately it's up to skooli or arni as they would have to do the coding anyway. :p
nl Regret
then let's make a deal, if I make this popular enough then ehhh ;-)

Soon I will launch a bigger cup with 16 or more teams. I will announce it in about a week, since the LMS snipercup is still running :-)

I think LMS never really had the chance or nobody did their way with it. I hope I can open a new dimension of gaming for Enemy Territory.

Lets all see how this will work out, I hope in a great succes!
fr aymoun1992
The LMS snipercup will be a nice competation :)
nl Regret
People are excited about the "new" gameplay. Let's see how this goes and i'll try again through may be this will even fet old players back ;-D
nl Regret
Team edition of Regret's LMS cup
nl Regret
Sniper edition of the LMS cup is now official.

There are enough signups to start the cup. This saturday.

I hope this format will be implemented at some point cause i would love to broadcast it through ETTV, people have asked me about it but i said it's not possible cause you can't vote on a team. there are only single players in a team combating for themselves.

The only thing that should be added is the possibility to vote on a player instead of a team. just like on the dog tracks.

-Regret :-)
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