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de arni
Currency sign for gbooky on 14.05.09 15:00, Last edited: 14.05.09 19:57
hey folks,

for as long as gbooky exists, we have been using a plain euro sign € as representation of gbooky capital. Since this is not very creative and might be misleading some people to think this is real money we'd like to change this and create a special currency sign for gbooky.

The problem is that in order to work inside normal text like the euro, dollar or pound sign (€,$,£) it can not be larger than 11 by 10 pixels (greyscale).

If you want to give it a try, just take a look at pt patt0n's idea about the currency symbol (shown on almost every matchpage) and try to pixel that down to this miniature size.

Images can be uploaded here: and then linked to this thread.

To make the effort somewhat worth your while, we are willing to give you 5g's (Gbooky euros) for every submitted pixel (you do the math :p) if it is worth considering - The winner will get twice that (and a life long display of his creation all over the site)

So fire up whatever you use for pixeling and show us what you got ^^

de cl4ym4n
14.05.09 18:53, Last edited: 14.05.09 19:07

de neobsen

i lol'd :D
de cl4ym4n
abstract art contest lol
de skooli
14.05.09 19:57, Last edited: 14.05.09 20:15
the dimensions were wrong, up to 11x10 is ok aswell (11 high, 10 wide)
de arni
actually, there is no real reason why colour shouldnt be allowed, too

sorry for the messup, i know its difficult, i cant come up with anything useful myself (i can post some of my fuckups tho later)
us Gero
Ǥ (U+01E4: Latin Capital G with stripe)
ǥ (U+01E5: Latin g with stripe)
ϭ (U+03ED: Shima letter, however it looks more like a 6)
Ѡ (U+0460: Cyrillic Capital omega, dimensions?)
₲ (U+20B2: Sign for Guarani, bigger it looked nicer tbh :<)

edit: lolz charset =)
de arni
14.05.09 20:41, Last edited: 14.05.09 21:13
lolz gero, poste as image ;-)

what would be fucking awesome if this would work in small (maybe 11x11px):

(but i dont see that happening :-/ )


hmm, maybe 13x13?

or or or or
us Gero

I took screenshots from the big (zoomed in) images tho


look how the last one is fucked up when it's small :<
de arni
Quote by Geroedit:

does anyone else see something other than 2 G's in the last one or do i just have a dirty mind?
us Gero
Quote by arnidoes anyone else see something other than 2 G's in the last one or do i just have a dirty mind?

It are just the symbols in small
compare them with the bigger images a bit higher ;)
de skooli
14.05.09 22:27, Last edited: 14.05.09 22:32

edik deleted his own post (14.05.09 23:22)
pl edik

de arni
everyone who submitted their ideas have recieved a little thank you on their gbooky account ;-)

please tell us your opinion about which one to chose - currently there is a tendency to this one:

(mainly for clairity)

different ideas still very welcome (and will still be rewarded with 's ^^)
ee Popidiot
de sHiZo
<-- Not bad, i like it.

Even better would be the last one here with a bigger G (like this ) and with 2 stripes downwards, just like the gbooky image.

Here the last:

So it would fit to this one:

Just my opinion.
ch BlackJack
Actually for now I'd stick with the euro sign.
us carty
₲ G with a line through it like the cent sign.
cz `SQuid
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