Hello everyone!

I’m so excited, we have 250 likes on Facebook!
That’s REALLY awesome. So, because I’m really grateful and thankful to have all you wonderful people following the site, I want to do a giveaway, to help fight this cold winter.
While we might be in the middle of a stormy season in Europe, I have heard horror stories of storm Sandy in New-York and I’m sure other places are getting it bad as well. So I thought we’d give away something to help you warming up!

We’re going to call this the Biggest Fan contest! Because I’m giving away free
"2x 2Months Public/Private Gameservers".

Here’s what you have to do:
Like “no1hosting” on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/no1hosting
Find the photo album titled “no1Hosting - Free Gameservers”
Post a tweet-length comment about why you need that gameserver, or why you’re their biggest fan.

It’s easy, right? Of course it is. I’ll be picking one comment for each fan. Chances are, I’ll pick one at random.
However, if someone’s comment is so funny and awesome, I will pick them.
So you all should give it a good shot. I like funny things.
So you probably don’t want to say things like “Because I’m their biggest fan and have their fanclub name tattooed over my heart!” because that will frighten me more than anything else.

The deadline will be Friday, November 30th!

Thanks again for all your support! Because of you guys, I have been able to accomplish so much, and there are some really great things coming in the future! Be sure to check out our new Free Hosting service, http://hosting.no1gaming.eu and please continue to support and share this page.