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co $tup!fy
Demo Help? on 04.10.08 06:43
Hey, first post
I need a little help with a demo
Played a 3v3 , and my teammate recorded a demo of him playing, was very exciting i wanna see it again.
He sent me demo, but of course the demo is of him playing, I wanna know how to spec my self in that demo recorded by him, i was playing in the same team at the same time,

I know this is possible because he sent me a lot of demos and i hit something by accident and specced my self during all game, but i forgot what to hit ...and i am tired of hiting my keyboard all arround, so i decided to ask here where all the ettv experts hang :D, what command, button, combination to hit , to spec me in this case plz??
Thanks a lot
be flms
i doubt you are able to spec yourself with a demo he made. if its a .dm_84 file it wont work (since this is the extension for client side demos). if its a tv_84 file you need to start an ettv server and connect to it (but i doubt its an ettv demo)
sv blazer
u cant spec another person if someone else recorded it unless its an ETTV demo .tv84
ee piilu11
in rAmbo
cant spec yourself
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