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us DeathW1sh
Replay on 14.02.10 01:58
Ok, how do you watch the replays?
I requested the demo and it gave me the server's ip but.....
as soon as i connect to it in the console, it starts "awaiting connection...."
this goes on until i disconnect, so i'm asking is there a specific thing i must do, or should my version should be on 2.55, 2.60, or 2.60b??
This is my first time using it ._.
go easy on me.

Thanks for your time.
nl andyF1

fill this form in with details of the replay you requested and the server IP that th replay was on.

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de skooli
You need ET 2.60b with ETPro 3.2.6
de skooli
Here's a pack that should contain everything you need:
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ee Popidiot
haya back

try .6b to watch ettv
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