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de swine
EuroCup Consolation Final on 22.06.08 18:06
ET: Quakewars is alive...
At least the Eurocup is going on, currently less default wins than in the ET Eurocup.
Tonight, the Consolation Final will take place between pl Wiechury and eu Vicious and Evil.
Both teams already lost against Four-Kings in that tournament and guess what: The winner will face Four-Kings in the Grand Final again.
The game, which starts at 21:00 CET, will broadcasted by ET:QW TV and remember that you don't need a valid ET:QW key to watch it.

pl Wiechury X - X eu VAE
Maps: TBA / TBA
* Wiechury Lineup: aA, suri, nsk, Marte, nexoge, bhn, Rzezn1k
* VAE Lineup: valiant, Madknut, Noorgrin, madbone, Jeebs, Vexx

VAE News
de ng
not news worthy?
pl deact_12795
looks like ;-)
ee Criminal
Qw sucks.
pl deact_12795
et is dead =]
gb kriz69
qw died already.
pl deact_12795
*wasnt even born. there has been an abortion!
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