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ro unforgivenib
streaming on 11.03.12 12:19
how can i add my stream to a gtv match?
nl h3ll

You cant do this as a normal member, also depending on your language and 'casting skills' we decide to add you as a shoutcaster or not. If you want to sc in romanian, then it's a no-go since this has no use to us. If you want to cast in english then show us some recording or whatever, that shows us that your capable of it ^^
ro unforgivenib
ok here are 2 links:
ro unforgivenib
ok u can close this,obviouslly i won t get any kind of response but negative.
nl h3ll
sorry, i've been quite busy last week, what do you mean about the response? by the community or by us?
ro unforgivenib
u asked me for links from a stream and shoutcast that i did.i provided u with 2,and by far this are the only times i did shoutcast and stream.have u watched it?i mean the response from u,cause u said that u r the one to decide if i can be added as shoutcaster or did u checked the links,and can i be added as shoutcaster or can i not?
nl h3ll
I said we, not ME, and seriously stop acting like a 12 year old kid.

No I didnt check them, because Im too busy with other stuff and I expect other admins on gtv to also do something.
ro w0nd3r deleted this post of ro hugostiglitz (07.04.12 23:05)
ro waltzchris

in other words u admins,being most of u teenagers,sorry to say but u fuckin brain damaged.keep on banning me for no fuckin reason u little ass cunts
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