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written by nl FlyingDJ on 04.11.06 00:10


then also try to lose the german on the privet gtv channel on irc
muchos gratias uhow, thx alot!
why? the dutch will take over the world soon...
Does English grammatical faults count for "other weird languages" too? Or slang language like rofl, lol, idd,...?
merc avi, Klingon vent!
how come gamestv admins are talking german then? dont they have to give a good example?
i can asure you i have never talked german in my entire life, the only german i know is = ich liebe dich and thats probably spelled wrong
this doesnt include you:)
he's an admin too :P
but right arni skooli otter and fdj are german, but ofc they will try to keep the most of it in english ;P
its spelled right ;)
And what about or google-translate double- or tripletranslations into English?
( this sentense -> German)
Und was über oder Doppeltes oder tripletranslations ins Englische google-übersetzen?
( -> English)
And which over or double or tripolarize translation into English google translate?

what about just speaking english?
that would be easier...
Oh come on I can understand banning Dutch & German but Klingon?!
this time they've gone too far! :D :P