Abnormal Monkeys join #sFx.Gaming (5500 Views)

written by gb eVo on 29.11.06 21:20


good luck
et1 ! <3
gl Monkeys =]
myyysticji ftw!!!!!!!!
i wanna know if its a joke or not. i mean mystic ofc
i think its a joke idd
to see al those fanbois scream 'omg mystic is back!'
no its not a joke
in NL we say 'eerst zien, dan geloven' > 'first see, then believe' as a direct translation :P
HAha nederlander zeker omg ;) en hij zal spelen btw neem dat maar van mij aan
wil k eerst zien :D
He bale man gister liep het in de soep :s
idd, jammer, want maandag kan k niet kijken :(
omg mystic is back
way to go :)

Wow mystic and jauhis
good luck guys :)
no have i??!?! retard ofc i have try to look up his guid on yawn...
why are you responding to me? :o
Nice, and good luck. Although there's too many sFx teams imo.
2 teams are too much? :o
i lol'd
Aren't there some lower skill sFx teams? Meh, either way too many coming and going.
actually i dont know. and tbh i dont care that much how many teams a mgc has.
atm there are only 2
mystic torspo and jauhis in the same team:O
gl moC.hollantineebat, xpeijz and lolhis ;p
waar heb jij de ganse avond uitgehangen mênneke
i lol'd :: gL!! new sFx.LAN ??
its not the real mystic.. it aint that hard to understand
why cant i see him @ yawn then? it wont suprise me if he isnt the real mystic you can see it 2 good when hes playing noone can aim like mystic or ever will
ever looked at his clanbase acc?
no have i?!?!??! retard ofc i have... try to look up his guid on yawn then
do you feel stupid now.... "its not the real mystic.. its not the real mystic.... o shit, yea ok maybe it actually is".
you looked at his clanbase acc and calling me retard?
reply to him not me :P
i repleyed to him, stupid gamestv makes it look i repleyed to you
btw i cant klick the website or the irc links!!
Mystic is a real nick faker like RaZiel always plays with fake nicks :D
He probably just gets bored with people going "ZOMG MYSTIC!!111one can I hav UR autogr4f nd cfg plz kthx?"
wow parodia is kcab
I didn't start watching ETTV until after mystic stopped playing. Thank god I have a chance to see him live now
hmmmm, whos next for sFx??
What happened to the game? (Doesn't show up under recent matches, and gbooky bet is gone.)
holy mother of god jesus crist, MYSSSSTTTIICCCCCC :) fanboi ftw, ok and wtf happened to abnormal vs o8 link with score thx
sFx monkeys used wildcard. :K