Tonight it's ClanBase NC X Final night! (35882 Views)

written by be Anaconda on 06.02.07 16:26


Everybody will be watching sth vs EU instead, so there should be enough ettv slots spare.
"Roll out the red carpet because today at 20:00 CET the great champions of this seasons NationsCup X will fight each other in what can be a thrilling end to a great NationsCup."

I don't think they are the two great champions.. :-\
freedune, yes they are :<

angst @ NL
and who should be in the final in ur opinion?
Well, what I mean is they weren't THAT better then some other teams like Germany/Poland/Netherlands.. And their style wasn't that imppresive. IMO
i disagree, they were much better. whether it was due to some teams not being up to what their potential should be, i dont know. but they did show they were the strongest teams imo. whats impressive in ur opinion?
its like gay how some NL'ers react , wow its be -> #care