Welcome to the ET 6v6 OpenCup Spring Season 2007 (11070 Views)

written by be Anaconda on 12.03.07 07:12


keep sd2 :<
out suply, add adler and frost_com
Nice maplist (no suply!). Just don't fuck it up with some random lottomaps like frost.
finally maplist without supply, add fueldump or battery!
supply ftw!

but it would be nice seeing new maps, but good ones not like frost comp or warbell :<
where Supply & Adler o0 ?
Anaconda <333

why does everyone hate supply?
better than radar imo
not true
radar pwns all other official maps atm
radar > supply
supply is just overplayed and should sit some cups out, maybe next cup again...
frost -> supply

tba: sw_oasis_b3 + battery
anaconda, you are my hero n1
i like supply....
2 TBA maps suckas, it will be supply and adler :)
well, putting adler and supply in would duplicate the previous season's maplist. and do you really want to have same maplist as before?

i like supply but i also agree that it should be put out for one season. adler... dont know, maybe try somehting else. but, if there's no worthy map, then we have no option but to take those two.

and i think that frost_comp sucks
dont care about the maps as long supply stays out of business
3on3 OC ? :(
frost_comp sucks!
cathedral rocks :P
One thing, please, not again so much teams that drop out. I mean last year we past the groupfase with, 2 forfeit 1-0 wins, 1 4-0 win while playing 6v5 and only one deserved 4-0 win.
Teams dropping out has nothing to do with our actions or decisions, so please ...
If a team wants to drop out, thats their decision, not ours ... :)
Ofcourse it's their decision and I'm not blamming ClanBase. It's just that it's so fucked up if 90% of your wins are forfeit win. It's all about the fun in my opinion..
It's better for clanbase premier league teams because their rate and especially their reputation in the community will go down big time if they loose alot caused by lineup problems or unavability of members.
Of course, going upwards seen the leagues it's more about the fun though, yes.