ClanBase releases a new ET config (33003 Views)

written by es doneX on 10.05.07 15:58


this will be affective from 7th of May

He posted it on the 10th :D
com_maxfps IN 40 125 ?!

What, you got 23 of smth? :P
add a zero after the 3 and then mayyybeee... :/
ah :D well, tough luck, but at least you'll have 125 stable ;)
125 fps!!! yeah!
arrogant prick
Man now i must get the opponents spawn in the fair way :<
"Detailed list of changes" could be more detailed imo. What are those exploits for example?
OMg... no cb for me anymore then... I got like 20 fps :<
i'm getting error with cfg for mapscripts on battery and oasis. sw_golrush i had it also but i removed all mapscripts and gold is fixed but still errors on battry and oasis. help plz
lol my fps 20, gj, gg, gl &hf
lol my fps 150, gj, gg, gl &hf
i have 29 fps on map grush :x...