ET-Cologne 1on1 WinterCUP (8654 Views)

written by de blAckmAmbA on 30.11.07 00:03


make it 25 slots ventrilo:<
Price: TeamSpeak Server 50 Slot for 6 months....

I guess this is the entree fee!
most useless price ever
better as nothing
nice banner
Rule: Jegliche Art von Trickjumps sind erlaubt !!!

Made some funny tj's on te_nihil2 on purpose. None of them is actually usefull while playing 1o1 :O)
make the site english plz :(
The Winner will get an 50 Slot Teamspeak Server for Free! better then nothing
sorry but Germany didnt win WW2, make the site in much more known language
learn ger and shut up
rofl, can you hear yourself? xD
Another kiddie mixing up the Third Empire with Germany.
sure! how old are you? 16? hf
Was anybody talking to u?
i could say exactly the same to you, gnm
seems you didnt get my point, read my post again.
and btw yes, it's still the same country. i dont say you, gnm, made world war II, but the people who lived in your country 60 years ago
have u kiddies currently in history the 2ww in the 8. grade or why u talking so much about it?
what is your problem and why you keep calling me kiddy? did i say something that is not true?
Worst cupsite ever! congrats.
I'm in, wohooo!
plz english site and prizes for 2nd and 3rd place i know you can do that :D
coole Sache Jungs. Hört nicht auf das Gelabber der Ottos hier. :D