CDC4 to come tomorrow (14940 Views)

written by de chosen_ on 28.02.08 17:14


It is just stupid to go, when you know that 8Bit is going as well!
They will own everything :D
I'm not going with the team so they won't own everything. sorry to disssappoint you
I still rest my case. Sorry to disappoint you :(
lolol chosen is a dutchie now! h3h3h3h33
(17:05:22) (@CDC|chosen) oh dear
(17:05:26) (@CDC|chosen) i gona die :<
(17:05:44) (@CDC|chosen) there is a dutchy flag in front of my GTV nick now ;U
:P vll bis samstag oder sonntag ;-)
vll? ;<
jo weiß noch net wann ich komme bzw ob ich überhaupt komme..
nice photos, chosen!
take pictures of all teams pls.
I wish all attendees a lot of fun and play some good ET :)