kicks off tv on demand system (18572 Views)

written by de skooli on 09.06.08 00:39



VERY NICE! gw <3
i dont remotely care.
"you can chose to replay any of the available matches at any time by following the "Watch this Match now" link in matches where available."

Where the fo is "Watch this Match now" link? Can't see that shiz
As it says; 'in matches' :P

Go to a match you would like to see (you can find them on the calendar, teampages, most recent events, or just the archive) and if it's available you will see 'Watch this now' on that page ^^
is there a list of what matches are available atm?
Ehm no and afaik there wont be such a list either, I just search for a team and check their matches, easy enough for me :>
very nice
i am a bit slow :p why can't i see that : ettv on demand button? cos its old?
this mathc is not available
mhmhmh, now it is, hf busting ppl :P
A very nice news !
could be sign available matches with some symbol? it will be much easier to find them and watch
YEA, ya better start thanking us bitches ! xD
Thanx @GTV Bitches for making Dreams come true :D
Tried to watch this a few mins ago:

Watch this Match now!

"Date / Time Today 20:30
League CB ET Eurocup XVII
TeamA be overload
TeamB gb Impact Gaming

Then I get sent to a server thats showing a game from: 2008.06.02 ... hmmmm ...

" #Pure.ET ETTV 5 Replay: ESL EMS: overload vs Authentic Gaming Map: 1 Played on: 2008.06.02"

P.S the game is actually being repeated here: #andyF1 ETTV Server 1 Replay: CB ET Eurocup XVII: overload vs Impact Gaming Map: 1 Played on: 2008.06.09 , any idea when the "Watch this Match now" will be available though?
my logs show me that you didnt request Overload vs Impact from tonight but excatly the match you got: overload vs authentic ->
(that was tonight, 00:18 cest which should be 23:18 for you) are you sure that you didnt just get those matches confused?

Also, i just spawned myself a replayer for the impact vs overload match and it showed me the right one.
Same, I am watching the match right now it works fine :)
Neeeeeeeeed list of available matches
use ze calender m8, just select month/year etc, and u sees a list....
it means i have to look through each match individually to find and hope they can be watched, whereas if there was a list, i could simply look throught and choose a match!
oh dear, aint that terrible xD
im fuckin lazy man
yeah but ur estonia
that took alot of dignity aswell? :D
nah why would i give you some
works fine for me, really cool service that...
nice one
what about canceled games like ff xfi vs ovr ? Any chances for replay?
perfect idea :)
nice :D

amazing thx guys <3
ETTVoD is just over 1 week old

Overall Stats

* Participating Replay Hosts: 8
* Events available: 1,531
* Replays served: 1,690

Besides new matches that take place being added, I will be adding some older matches as and when I have time / hdd space.
those are teams, you have to be a bit more specific about which matches!

Another 20-30 older demos are now available.
all matches of those teams :((((
Ok all the currently available demos for those teams are now loaded on my servers, I can only load demos that exist in the GTV database unless another broadcaster has the demos to share.
seriously, thanks alot
perfect service, tx man!
More Demos added and being added to my servers!

* Participating Replay Hosts: 9
* Events available: 1,619
* Replays served: 2,865
are u adding more of that list? got enough space left?
I added some of that list, but its a lot of work :P
Yes I am working my way thru that list, have plenty of disk space now on one server

More older / obscure demos added!

# Events available: 1,806
# Replays served: 3,725
the demos are not available to download from the GTV database so I suggest you contact the broadcasters from this match, if they still have the demos I can add them to my ETTVoD server
The topic of this post is " kicks off tv on demand system"

So why you are asking for ettv for a live match beats me!

and even better is that you ask for ettv for a match -> Status: Removed GOOD MATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The topic of this post is " kicks off tv on demand system"

So why you are asking for ettv for a live match beats me!
Latest stats
* Participating Replay Hosts: 9
* Events available: 1,869
* Replays served: 3,885

We have uploaded the complete GTV archive of matches.
** Due to the large number of older matches if you notice any that do not replay, for example missing maps etc. please report them so we can correct any mistakes**