#Tac2 announce you, our new ET squad: #Signum (10002 Views)

written by nl vl0z on 17.06.08 17:23


gl chaps
krato maxi allir :)
gl splodge!
ill be back when my computer is repaired! :D
gl splodge and bull
Good luck Splodge.
gl guys
signum will rape everyone, since they have the almighty jizzinator
gl guys <3 ^^
nice, first ive heard of it :D

gl us!
GL Munchies, the worst best panzer in the UK!
ET is 6v6 not 9v9
goodluck bulld0g and a backup sladoled :PPP
edit ugly flags!^^
what a noobs?
yah potty! woo! xd
gl bull
is that ex-NBK Jizz? :O
new low+/med team?
gl potty
really don't care
Ownage!! with a name like that you have impressed me already! :P

When is the first game? I want to spectate the stars in ET! :D
tonight on ETTV, so make sure you spec me, and have your notepad ready for some ET tips!

i dont care that this piss lives in spain , put him engrand flag! :S

nice 1 forgetting me as backup :(
cant wait for potty on ettv :DDD
Coz i am teh ownererer nowerdays *nC cough* :P
Gl to us!

(out of my secret sources i have heard that pansy is our cheerleader)
Nice mix of all skilltypes!
xfire news ?
go bulldog my favorite doggy <3

potty potty potty potty potty!
gl Bulld0g =)
gl splogde
gl potty u noob
nooooes its jizz :<
dont shoot golfbals please
omg krato + allir omg omgomgogmogomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg
XDD jizz

gl <3
bulldog xD
We dont really care vl0zje hacker:]
Luger, are you really so dumb or what :D
U got newb proofs.
IP are matches and u cheated over like fucking a year ? is that a nub proof?
gimme link, gimme link!
And as you said it was a year ago.
So i'm ex-hacker then not a hacker (only problem i didn't hacked at all)
Pls grow up and go learn from the bigworld outside.
I see u have some problems with the english language
I said u cheated over 1 year not 1 year ago
And please explain me how come the IP's are the same, it is unpossible that some 1 is having the same Ip adress And is even playing with your nick name
please get brains, thanks

And at least i am not calling my self vl0zje FTW or Iamthaking
I do not go further in discussion with you, according to you I am cheater dream further.
Good luck guys, Allir dikke pro!
Gl guys..

but vl0z as manager :XDDDDD he's in the army.. is he thinking he's the new Guus Hiddink xD??

plz gtfo vl0z .. u suck.

Gl signum
Hij heet ook wel een mooie yawn:D:D:
Yes i'm in the army but i have time to do that (exepet if there gonna be a ww3)
I suck in playing et, but this is something else.
And im subleader xD.
So pls su sweex i love you :D
ya cheatertje kijk xfire.be
GL Potty :) :P
gl me :)
jIZZ:"if thats not obvious rAKJI , i dunno what it is"
Haha, i dont really care about not playing offi.
I didnt play offi any way,, care care care...
Thank you for getting me busted i love you :DDDDDDDDDDDD
Cause i have real live and you dont :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD