Crossfire NationsCup Announced! (27159 Views)

written by ch BlackJack on 22.06.08 20:45


Was the only icon I had :D.
Nice cup to broadcast this summer :D
without poland!
mt NC winners
lol, you really didnt sleep :D
a quoi bon nolifer sur un jeu dans lequel tu ne joues presque plus.
7:41 OMG
:P ofc not!
avi for Team Canada :DDD HI2U ANIM :DDD
Nemesis, he will play but he doesn't want to be captain

12:04... <zero`anim> don't want to organize it
haha gl, maybe you guys can win a round.
That would make our day!
btw, its
cup 4nolifes
lol @ no b4

sp_delivery_te ... :XD
Rfki, de redder van ET!
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