ClanBase ET EuroCup XVIII Invites and maplist (12635 Views)

written by be Bartichello on 14.09.08 21:11


nice post
2 times re-play

woohooo :D
good luck all
sn BAtallion d:
accurate more active than most of the quali teams, gsil quali imo.
gl to all :)
mappoll is a joke as expected, i agree with the invites and quali as almost.
clanbase lottocup imo :P
we keep old maps - whine overplayed and boring...

we get new ones whine they are lotto and no skill...

ng plz :p
Lets play oasis again! :)
hard of a choice, but how can battery or braundorf or any other non-obj-caught map be lotto?

you get free whine from the community anyway, but playing all over the years of enemy-territory the same maps over and over again bring's nothing new into this game. something that the teams have to come up with: new tactics and adapt there teamplay. the old maps are good, but in with the new. evolve some new strats, and believe me these exiting matches as we had them in the begging of et will come back again.

that is my point of view :/
we actualy asked some of the invited EC teams before making the maplist. they agreed mostly to our choice.

braundorf out
frostbite great that it's removed
delivery got some divided reactions(some like some don't like that much)
the rest of the maplist was simply put in by nearly everyone.

that's what we got out of it at least.

i might have added the new battery if it had been tested in some cup or something so i could see the general impact of it besides some showmatches...

gl lazio
kiss jij leeft nog !

Maar heb IP-ban op cf, ben te tam geweest om mijn ip te resetten en ben daar nu al paar maand weg.
Alsook hier volg ik niet echt meer, heb andere bezigheden gevonden om mn tijd op te vullen dan ET ;o
Teleurstellend. Ik mis u :(
alles good? :-)
Yip, everything going fine ;)
With you? :o)
fine too, thanks! :-)))
gl to all
nice maps
again two polish teams in one quali match... n/c