North American ClanBase Leagues? (12107 Views)

written by us dedz on 19.10.08 23:36


1st, it would be awesome :)
yeah mate u shud sign that petition <3
lol nice graphic mwahaha
it will be good that they have on cb special ladder also...
Well a special ladder I dunno, but it would be nice to try and mix it up with EU imo
no please
let me guess worm, this has to do with the FiF v excel game...

sad tbh
you fucking americans are sad, idiot
yeah yeah keep talking

at least we dont need to keep a lost game in our mind till the day we die

oh and i think thats called "get a fucking life"
Diverse Tuesday, 21st October 2008 03:04
let me guess worm, this has to do with the FiF v excel game...

Yes I indeed started with it :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
get some west coast servers happening and you'll have some aus and jap teams interested
ok, now you can mention, what game you are talking about. Or you mean gaming in general? :-)
ET ofc
It wasnt that obvious, you know :)
well if you clicked on that clanbase link, you would have seen it was for a ET ladder :D
QuoteEven though we already have STA and ETL

doesn't exactly tell euro kids that's it ET, you ARE aware the ET in ETL stands for Evil Territory and not Enemy Territory? ^^
Yes obviously, and stop spamming "kid" everywhere :D. but ETL and STA are enemy territory leagues, if they don't know them, don't comment ;)

now gtfo
if we dont know, you should explain. not "dont comment blabla".

this is news. now gtfo and leave this wise canadian alone
never heard of these abbreviations before ^^
Wise move, pm me that we may discuss afew more things