differo, the start of something new! (5276 Views)

written by dk Adi on 01.11.08 01:57


sounds nice, but from my own experience here in CZE you can have as big reputation and fame as you want but nobody want to give you money :)

you've had bad experiences then; take a look at the success of teams like eSuba and nEophyte... eSuba got sponsors like AMD, ATI, Steelseries... nEophyte is even more successful than eSuba tbh. Really, how many teams in the world do you know that have 5 hardware sponsors? cuz they got Intel, ASUS, Steelseries, Logitech, and nVidia. "nobody want to give you money :)" looks like lots of these companies want to give Czech guys money :D
Believe me, I have very clear and first hand informations, I have been on many meetings and know how hard is achieve at least little support.
gl with the project!