Goodbyes (4027 Views)

written by gb Angrykid on 28.06.06 08:51


handsome? :>
AK so u are handsome? :D :D
best statement from flyingdj "if i get an invite i make a shoutcast about"

some little quote before the cast :D

"hello and welcome insight the game today we have a great match between the freedom and marriness"

"it will be played the map cathedral" "the usual delay coz luna wont READY UP" "and now it starts and its unbeliveable LUNA entered the Mainhall with the first rush" "she walks straigth trough her opponent AK"

"And the match is paused"

Good luck Luna and AK!
FlyingDJ for shoutcaster! :P
omg who the fuck cares. just because she's a girl? she did nothing..
SU, thx... she did allot
You've done more?...right chaoz?
no he done nothing more but if he quit just a hand of player wanna care :>
and a hand more wanna make a party maybe :P

xfire award XX most hates player

or smth like this i remember :>
willstar & mike idiot.
hast du sicher nicht so einen award in der art bekommen ??

wenn nicht wäre es doch mal an der zeit streng dich ma an :P
ich care nicht ob mir wnbs den most hated player award überreichen.
chaoz stfu tbh.

<3 luna, stay in touch :>
gl in rl :D
show me a picca nd let us judge:)
i dont get their whole indea of having a e-marrage or marrying in rl while shes 17 :< am i retarded or what? ( i already know 90% of answers - YEA U R A RETARD :/ )
1. Yes you are.
2. "e-marriage"? rofl omg lets go to
Omg lol ^^
ons try saving your energy for something else..
Maybe for your e-marriage. :D
doneX i'm not inactive