OCL ET 3vs3 Winter Special 30 dec (78891 Views)

written by be xArQi on 19.12.12 10:26


QuoteWe will provide full GamesTV coverage during the whole tournament.

Seriously? Every single game will be broadcasted here? I'm quite sure games won't be interesting before the semis if you seed
Well you're not forced to watch them, plus it's not like they are too many matches broadcasted daily. Moreover it's an opportunity for players other than those we see 24/7 to appear on ETTV.
Perhaps, but Sunday is mostly offiday. And I doubt that the server owners want to waste their resources for matches no one gives a fuck about
no worry dude got plenty of servers my own
Tbh the biggest problem will be that there might be delays between every match for getting LU from both teams, requesting gtv etc :p then the finalist might not want to play if it's too late :p but good luck :) I'll ask some team members to play.

edit: and Missile_b4 and Radar in 3on3 ? :p
aha thanx dunno how it was there changed
cup is cancelled due the fact of no intrest/signups
How much signups are there?
Why cancel it? most teams just sign up the hour before the cup:D
But there are at least 6 - 10 signups in the meantime
So will it be canceled? I'd like to sign up tho
#ocleague and contact xarqi about it
where do u see 6-10 signups?

cup is cancelled :x
I'm talking about few months ago
yeah indeed same story
anyway I told admins cup was cancelled
and i'm not there as well
Wil ik dat wel?:o
lol didnt even know that :D
When I was organizing some ODC (15-25 teams) most signed up because of 2 days spamming IRC every hour :X also in last 2 hours 50% of the teams signed up. So just some suggestions for next time maybe. Ofc with a new site its also harder than tourney.cc cup.
think u didnt checked the activity of ET then , i remember no1 cups over 3 months ago:)