Chile vs Iceland (4497 views)

NationsCup Qualifier
18.01.06 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup IX
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Braundorf_b4
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de vp.ETTV.Server
By: arni (ettvd)
ua ClanBase ETTV
By: doneX (ettvd)
xx SeNtiX[ETTV] - playREACTION
By: GTVd

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


hm, dunno... both low 8|
gogo iceland ;)
rofl nice game *-)
chile2win :)
Go go go chilie!
Make me proud, for my first $250 dollar on cbooky.

gonna be a fun game

See me have very curious this match fly that bedą ping and if from they gram < play > better I evaluate them ] short skil than + low
India will win... oh noe wait a second:|
I think Iceland is going to win, they got a strong team, and known people on their team, but Chile is a neverheard at least at ClanBase, so not going to say about them anything, but I still think that Iceland is going to win, if they practise before hand..
Vamos Chile (l)
gL for Iceland :)
detengansen un pokiti?o pliza..cibersuertex costras
a que hota juegan cabros????

esta bien la hora que sale???:|
it will be interesting game |:-|
This match is an absolute must see! GL to both sides.:)
go vargur
gl 2 all:|
GL Chile ;)
vargur is the most beutifoul player in the whole nc..i mean it..(l)
vargur er bara lj?tur ?? varg:@
Iceland for the win 8)
/me pri3st fanboy :D
Vamos vamos pitukeroooos!
well, omg?

well norway - australia takes the price
the only thing missing is that they play on an israely server to make the lag party complete! |:s
gl Vargur :D
Vargur ftw i love him (l)
Hmm... very exciting match;)8)Iceland ftw:o
gl JesteR bro <3 ;)
chile ftw
Chile tem que ganhar pelo menos dos homens de gelos neh hieuheiueh
vienkaarshi chau! |:-|
g01d Wednesday, 18th January 2006 15:13

"Chile tem que ganhar pelo menos dos homens de gelos neh hieuheiueh "

AJSIODjsApiodjsAPIOdkjsAIOJdioAJdiosAJdiosAJdioAJdAIOkjdaoIds :D
que horas eh esse jogo aqui pro brasil?
os ettvs nao t?o funfando ainda ;/
Iceland i hope/:/
vargur <3 vargur <3 GOGO ICELAND

iceland ftw roflcopter xd
I think that H?ddi blunt is the most bj?t?fol player in the hole world !!! (l)(l)(l)(l)(l):)
ping ownz all, imo :-/
gg wp |:-|
ping ownd all unfortunately:/ but chile played well imo, gl in
further games, guyz!
trying to watch a replay on that replay server but it now has only 5 spaces :o
wp pds mate