haxan vs MssV (3685 views)

be Worm
xx Trixor
be Hellgast
be Xzz
nl Woody
be iMmi
Not Announced
13.06.09 21:15 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: HoheLuft CUP
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: blAckmAmbA (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Base12_b6
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Total Pot: € 1158
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Enemy Territory TV
de ## -HoheLuft- ## | ETTV #1
By: blAckmAmbA (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 28


gl/hf Massive<3
You better win massive >:| gl :)
go BE !
ahahahahaha magic, why so obvious?
pls cancel bets, we couldnt guess Massive had a rambo cheater with 72% accu - 13K damage.... pathetic btw
Xzz the same
Maybe but he didnt get 13K with 70 kills, sorry :p
yes he did :D
lol watch this replay and spec Xnn and you will see .......................
you cant see acc on ettv, he had 33.
im sorry sven, as much as i love u, this guys a cheater.
I can't believe he had only 33 acc when he did 13K, sorry. I was speccing him and if he had 33, then mAus never gets above 10%.
he actually had 33 acc checked his weaponstats myself so :<
like getting high damage is possible only with high acc, pls:X
I didnt say that because of his dmg, I did because I was specing him, learn to read.
"I can't believe he had only 33 acc when he did 13K" you learn to write :)
Yup, that's not exactly what I wanted to say, but anyways If u have been specing him u know what I mean... he was cheating.
shoulve bet on us :(
this magic guy is fcking bullshit
well just admit that you suck
like falkestein @ final
You have € 5 on eu MssV
You won € 101.6
You have £15 on MssV
You won £ 304.8
pancake eaters lost
You have € 2 on eu MssV
You won € 40.64

lol :D
magic @ wh
You have € 10 on MssV
You won € 203.2

1: always bet on a cheater's team
2: never piss into the wind
haven't heard anyone ever complain about mAgic before, and i hold no suspicion towards him whatsoever. According to me we won because we have been playing together for a long long time and this teamwork and friendship helped us improve our teamplay which was better then the mixteam at the other side. Also the defensive tactics we made on base and falkenstein were solid enough to hold a mixteam. If he has used anything i'll gladly take back my words and conceed. In my opinion it was a team effort that we took this cup to a good end, not just the effort of one player. To the random noname above me, "1: always bet on a team, not a mix"
"random noname" you hurt my feelings now :K

go ask killerboy about your friend mAgic, ask him how many pbbans and red yawns he has ok? dont reply before you did that
didn't Kinetics already kick mAgic for him being suspicious? If it isn't the same, sorry.
Moreover because he has 25+ pbbans
thats quite hypocrit tbh
No hard feelings against your team, you were playing quite OK, but this mAgic guys was kinda obvious and knews everything.
Like tukkeR said he has more then 25+ pbbans, if that don't say enough you can ask killerboy for more info about mAgic
just specced the match myself and he was indeed quite obvious :) I guess we can offer to conceed this match if you feel mAgic was the element that made the difference or we could play a friendly match on the two maps. I'm going to link killerboy up to demo's and see what he can make out of it.
they had xzz so both had 1 cheater in the team then :)
still doesn't take away the fact that he should be banned
yawn is down and pbbans doesn't give me the right information. I guess avi's on crossfire topic should suffice for now. Should be up in about half an hour.
Don't need to replay this match, it was just a 6on6 1daycup for new maps, the outcome of the match is less important then our opinions about the maps :)
and what are your opinions now? are they good? suck or whatever? :P
was fun to play something different, timelimits might be a bit too long, since they are quite easy if you have stable team to defend. it impossible to play this map with a mix vs clan
massive <33333

to bad i couldnt play
http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=forum&mode=item&id=27000... we win they lose we money BAK :O?
bak. wat.
one word: xzz

more soon
CANCEL this fucking bets please, I dont wanna lose all my beloved E-munies due to a retarded hacker :D
and you haven't seen xzz...
This is exactly the reason why this result is ridiculous... people bet assuming the match is gonna be fair, not trying to guess which team has the best hacker !