=118= vs KiH (7248 views)

lv Clown
gb crumbs
nl juncie
gb MerlinatoR
nl SeN
gb sharky
se askungen
se lelle
se FeTTe
se ozzy
se smutzig
no zerom
Grand Final
15.07.09 21:00 CEST
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW-Cup 3
Hosting: Crossfire.nu
Manager: MerlinatoR (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 60691
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
gb QuadV Audio
By: TosspoT
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

Return To Castle Wolfenstein TV
gb RtCW PuB
By: MerlinatoR (none)

Total Slots: 16
Viewer Peak: 91


gl merlin ;-)
thank you your highness ;]

gl to both =)

(if you both manage to get six.)
think we are 6, just one or two to be 100%
nice, gl
118 will take it :>
Moi sippe vieläkö rtcwstä löytyy matsia ?
l'unico giorno che non posso vederla... dio caro <_<
Don't know who to bet on, to be honest. :X

gl both
hf :)
especially Mr.Vift! <3
must watch :)
This game needs to be epic!
If you shout cast, it might be :o)
Gl crumbs :)
junkie , conker , fette <3
gl 118 :)
kih need smutzig and askungen!
Finally, gl both
KiH ftw!!!1111111
Nice having mr tosspot! Oh and is it possible to watch this game without actually having the game, If you know what I mean? :D
check the tutorials section on crossfire, there is an installation file for wolfenstein, just install it and you can watch this game, no need to have a real cdkey afaik :)
we know what u mean, but, install the game because I bet 1 min before the match he will say he isn't avi, lal. If you know what I mean.
we need quadv!!!
at your service
youre like candyman, say his name enough and he appears ! lovely. back in your box stu :P
118 great team will take it, gl merlin & sharky.
gl KiH need smutzig :[ too bad you guys dont play ET with biiitii !
gl both
dayum :O
Need RaZieL's comment
gl crumbs
gl conker crumbs sharky fette
gl smutzig hf crumbs
Gl Artstar & merlinator : D
Go Affray..heuuu =118= :p
gotta work :(
any chance to see a replay?
You can watch replay at ettv...
demos will be uploaded, and hopefully toss' cast at some point.
erm upload? where to? cant find a rtcw folder in the downloadsection here...grats btw
EC Final = No tosspot
Dead RTCW cup = Tosspot
i don't see any problem ...
so what
I see a fail trool here
rtcw is more alive than et now
at least the teams stick with pretty much the same lineup :D
highquality games only :)
just look at the ec final teams..
Yeah... Raping Impact and H2k to spawn

Total noobs both of them omfg
people don't respect landodgers, and respect seems to be what you want so work it out
you "spawnraped" those teams in 2009, 6 years to get good on ET, I don't know if I should applaud or laugh
Rather that than 6 years to get....


oh how nasty :( you almost humiliated me :(
KIH will take it..... 3-0
tosspot shoutcast 1000 slots
match broudcast 150 slots

hf both
good luck 118..money on u cuz pds said so..: D
GL 118, good luck bro
lycka till to the swedes

and Gl crumbs
gl both
why the hell its no quadv stream?
2-0 118 im guessin ?
118 3 -0
gg :D
did clown not play? i can see him in the channel on vent :\
Why would a real 'Clown' play rtcw?
gz 118 ;D izi for merlin ^_^
You have € 1076 on =118=
You won € 1883
lovely, easy 20 euros ;(
You have € 435 on gb =118=
You won € 761.25

FU the odds dropped
RTCW is dead
get brain first and after that write comments xDDD
don't you play for cave? the team that finished last in the cup
yes...the outfit team(mix) that play4fun since 2006.....
lv Clown
gb crumbs
nl juncie
gb MerlinatoR
nl SeN
gb sharky

this lineup is a bit of a mix compared to one.soldier/118 at their strongest so that isn't really an argument is it ;)
they were playing together "24/7" @ the last 3years....wrenot...
are you joking? the only time 118 play is when theres a cup, whenever there is nothing happening in RtCW they don't play at all (roughly 8+ months in 2008 that they were inactive, 2007 they were pretty inactive except CPC2 and they were only active in 2009 for rtcwcup 3), just accept that there is a good team, rather than claiming the game is dead as the reason they are the best.

for someone who plays with a team that has been around for so long you don't seem to know shit.
the first 1andahalf rows = lies
..otherwise i accept it +I acknowledge it..their team is good,NO QUESTION about that..
..."the game is dead as the reason they are the best"... just a litle bit...
seriously what do you know about 118? you don't know shit, I know better than you that they barely ever play and even when there is a cup they will max prac a few days a week. you just can't accept that they are better than all these teams, fixed have been around for just as long and have been way more active so it's not an argument of activity?

and they have been the best team for near around 3-4 years so? you are just trying to think of reasons why 118 are better than teams that were playing EC and QuakeCon's from 2002-2005. if there was an EC in RtCW now and all the oldschoool 'better' teams came back like 4K, mysod, gmpo, infensus, krea, [<<] & de/idle etc. my belief is that 118 would still reach the finals. accept that the KiH lineup is near enough the same as the one from like 5-6 years ago give or take 3 players, and they met in the final vs 118 and were probably just as active.
"if there was an EC in RtCW now and all the oldschoool 'better' teams came back like 4K, mysod, gmpo, infensus, krea, [<<] & de/idle etc. my belief is that 118 would still reach the finals"
....enough plz ROFL this relates everything...you don't know shit :)))))))))))
stop that shit now plz...
you just can't except that there is a team that has perfected teamplay, so you will blame their success for the past 3-4 years on RtCW being dead, well tbh I believe if they had played the EC 1-2 years earlier they would have been a pretty hard enemy to beat, you will deny it because you are stubborn but w/e.
Yes EXACTLY the "same" as the one from like 5-6 years ago......
arne,wuff,rivendale,forsen.... V27?
"give or take 3 players" smutzig, zerom and FeTTe being the constant 3, other 3 being the 3 that aren't the same from back then. you are too biased with everything you say, maybe if you weren't so stubborn a normal argument would be worthy, but you won't ever accept being wrong so.
wuff .................... leave this arrogant noob out of this!
rtcw has been dying a slow painful death - no pub servers and barely enough players to scrape a 6v6 mix together most nights. Isl4m has been around long enough to know what he's talking about, full respect to cave to keep going :)

If the old teams came back with the same dedication they had as before we wouldn't stand much chance. If we had the same activity I think we could give them a run for their money but really who cares? Just enjoy whats left of this great game and hope they don't fuck it up too much in wolfenstein.
I'm sure he knows more about rtcw than me, no doubt about it.

but: "they were playing together "24/7" @ the last 3years....wrenot..." is untrue, as you know

and: "if KIH won...(this would be the reality)" as a reply to my comment: "ok, so if you had won RtCW would be alive?" is just retarded

I know rtcw is dying/dead/near enough dead but claiming it is dead because there is one team better than the rest is frustrating, especially when if the opposing team had won they would have said nothing. I was meaning onesoldier in their prime would have probably been more successful back in the 'active' days of rtcw. but ye, 'who cares'. hopefully rtcw will be a success.
do not be idiotic....
ok, so if you had won RtCW would be alive?
if KIH won...(this would be the reality)
well obviously it's not reality if they got beaten, just because there is one team better than the rest doesn't make the game dead, just means there is a dominant team. your jealousy is insane and you should really deal with it
you dont feel the irony....it's not your fault.
"if KIH won...(this would be the reality)"

KiH are playing active though? even though the game is "dead" they were active for it, I saw them in pracs with 118 and random mixes, they have been as active as 118 over the past few months since March or earlier w/e, and when it came to it 118 beat them? not that they weren't playing well, they were, but you can't just say the game is dead because a team that YOU want to win didn't.
..it's not your fault.
whatever, you are just arrogant.
rtcw died after last EC, that's all :(
I know it did, but Isl4m is claiming that if KiH had won RtCW wouldn't be dead, this is my only reason for arguing. Obviously RtCW is dead..
you rly dont get it dear :p i didnt even play rtcw and i know what he means
rtcw is dead, =118= fucking noobs, i would own the whole team easily!
i'd sure like to see that .. retard
no offense but I've never heard of you :x
ofc you havent! your to newschool!
not really.. I started ET myself in 2006, and before that I used to watch MerlinatoR play RtCW since 2002 and ET since it was released, anyone important in both of the games I would have known about, sorry to say you weren't one of them.
damn guys knew it u gonna take it

You have € 103 on gb =118=
You won € 180.25

tnx for moneyz :)