Team-YoYoTech vs Kreaturen (9759 views)

nl ins
be spiROZE
nl vaNq
be siL
be Worm
be Jere
nl xPERiA
nl Lun4t1C
nl teKoa
nl M1lk
nl Azatej
nl Perfo
1st round
06.09.09 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESH Steelseries ET Summer Challenge
Manager: Jere (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 68186
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV
cz #ssx-netteam ETTV #2
By: Santa-Claus (ettvd)
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Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 241


1st gl all
Total Pot: € 41131 :DDD. Funny how less people dare to bet here :D
2nd gonna be a nice war GL both teams
gl fif :)

e: Jere add a maps!
will be announced one hour before match
GL yoyotech :)
nice lineup kreaboys btw dave says u suck
team nl ! np for Kreaboys :)
gl kanker homo jere!!! (btw, is da nie op diene LAN vant weekend?)
gl xPERiA powner!
no BuLL no win
goodluck yoyoboys
You have € 100 on nl |K| Cancel bet
Possible win: € 167
oh mai god :o

xPERIA and m1lk or Jere and Vanq? :( i love you all so np :XD
amazing match !
nice new dutch collection got added :>
wtf dav1d WTFFFFFF :D
heerlijke lineup hoor haha. gl
gl david :)
hf playing on LAN :DDD
Lun4 :)
gl krea and dav1d
easy for kreaturen
hard to bet on this one :p

gl jere
gl krea :) wont be easy..
gogogogog xperia !
gl teKoa , Azatej & perfo

gl yoyo 2
zet em op jeroentje
psychische lineup hoor krea ;p
3 nice wars @ the same time :/
nice match Gl&hf m1lk lun4tic xperia
who is xperia ?

anyway gl
YYT will take it ofc!
battle for benelux :o)
you are not so gtfo ! :D
nice war 3stars
gl xPERIA & M1lk
BuLL ?:<
who to watch omg...
nobody we're playing!
ettvod, u smartass :D
gl milk n tek !
gl krea boys <3
p3rfOr4tOr all the way!
gl pownies :)
who to spec :S
omagad, nicematch:) gl&hf both!
gl Aza, teKoa, perfo
gl tekoa, jere
Izi absh veu de worm en de jere...! gl YYT

Tot strak e manne :DD
damn nice lineup Kreaturen
Should be nice to watch :-)
Total Pot: € 41131 :DDD. Funny how less ppl dare to bet here :P
gl tekoa
be dAv1d and nl Jo0f can't play, be spiROZE will play
they only need u!
Fanboii? :o)
But on the other hand, its true ^^
gl spiROZE & YoYoTech
gl spiROZE
gl fif
nl Ronner and ch gifty instead of Azatej and M1lk.
not worthy to watch then =$
i wanted to watch aza :((
well no match ?
There is, K did 7 min time to grush, now round 2 going on..
gg, thanks for a fun game :>!
Jmmr guys, wp ..
gg wp
perfo + teKoa = Killercombo!
You have € 2900 on nl |K|
Possible win: € 5481

izi money, once again i climb to the top!
4-2 |K|
ggs, we need some more pracs for decent teamplay apparently :p
wp tekoa
how did they win with ronner rofl
hey no disrespect to our grandpa!
You have € 40 on |K|
You won € 75.6

Ronner potm :!D
You have € 321 on nl |K|
You won € 606.69
You have € 321 on nl |K|
You won € 606.69