Seek`N`Destroy vs sFx Gaming - Murso (7109 views)

be Alvo
be Brad
be Scoot
be Worm
be Prydz
be Cherry
fi cadein
fi chmpp
fi mikza
fi murso
fi twidi
fi hessu
21.10.06 20:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Prydz (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
Downloads: TV Demo: Seek`N`Destroy vs sFx Gaming - Murso (2 Files)
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #dignitas ETTV Server (powered by andyF1)
By: Frop (ettvd)
de #fayntic ETTV 1
By: h3ll (ettvd)
de ETTV server 1
By: Frop (ettvd)
de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 152


bb snd :>
easy for snd
omg, murso is going to lose this one
you realy think we buy this shiit :)??
i don't think murso is going to want to play braundorf again :D
why we wouldn't want? we like some lottoskillz !
Total pot: 1337 €
easy for murso
edit: sFx :D
That`s kind of interesting, this is something pretty new for me.
if snd will lose i will kill alvo xD
so just win and pwn them like you allways do guys xD
snd for sure rofl

easy bash lol

easy money :>
wooot murso gl :)
2iizi for worrmy
easy for be
lineups? :)
il take my money now ty :>
rofl easy money
snd offcourse :D

Lineups ?;)
500 on snd go alvo pwn them!!!!
easy bash for SND !!
lineup snd plz kthx
bb snd
snd probably:
Your bet: 70€ on snd Possible Win: 350 € (+280 €)
lineup Murso?
Good luck murso
nomerok blotnoj , tri semero4ki , edet katet fraerok 3 semero4ki , ne pomogut tebe fraer tvoi koro4ki.
saturday @ 20.00 pm ??? how about real life ???
"id3nt!C Saturday, 21st October 2006 03:41"
what about going out after 21.00?
rofl ur saying that at 3.41 in the night, go and take care of your own reallife ;p
lol real life don't starts @ 20.00 :p

will be in ze city around 22.00 cu there boomheadshot
you'll be frustrated when you lose vs murso so you wont go out !!! :D
either way he'll get a reason to get drunk
true :>
no i willl go out and drink me complete under the table ;D
all frustration gone
iizi bäsh fo snd! MURSO FTW!
5v5 rly
gl chmpp twidi
easy for murso
murso ftw

gg snd wp ! easy for snd, murso havent played matches in 2 weeks
nice try to get money though
atleast a good try ! :x
dunno what it is with hessu but somehow i love speccing him >:(<
finland pwns belgium! god i love the flag
=D really ? do you ? :P
lol maybe snd, but i want to see them playing against finest...
hax team finest, gg. murso > finest
I love you Mikza! :)
rofl and some belgium guy wanted to compare snd with finest
i rofl'd snd low+?
lol retard
we played finest a week ago, 25sec difference in supply
so plz stfu
how many finest were afk?
and Xionn played in sneek's place
prydz , like we they played serious

+ i'm the key player in the team
I compared Finest with snd, shame I didn't see it :P 25 sec :| close imo
jij bent pro
ik heb nooit gezegt dat ik skilled ben
love your comment tho... lost some money? :)
We did our best , just we didn't played enough for this game.
edit: did NOT pracc
so you guys though murso is low skilled(think not) so less not pracc and be stupid on ettv?
1: ofc we didnt think murso is low
2: we weren't able to prac cause of rl probs
3: we said any whine on the serv or smth?
Your bet: 116€ on Wormm, Brad, Alvo, Prydz Won 145€

Even though u lost, my brothers, I'll never stop <3 u ;) You're the winners iMo
vuile jeanette.
da zal u lere vetzak
Ik heb op jullie gewed omdat jullie zeiden dat jullie zo goed waren...
ge moet ni zo naïef zijn eh
Inderdaad, da zal me leren =<
check ze allemaal excuusjes zoeken whaha
jij bent stoer , maar toch ook niet ... toch blijf je een bully en toch een vosje. rhvjwn
GBooky Capital: 1337 € rofl goed bezig