uQ.Gaming (old) vs idle.ee (15487 views)

fi Drc
fi jafo
fi jauhis
fi mystic
fi Raveneye
fi sAintt
ee DeadMeat
ee Holz
ee Night
de senji
nl teKoa
de urtier
EuroCup XII Final!

Previous uQ-idle clash:

- ZENITH's [flag]de[/flag] flyingdj (English)
- Radio iTG's [flag]uk[/flag] Kee_Ring (English)
31.01.06 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET EuroCup XII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Angrykid (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Radar
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de #GI.gaming ETTV
By: GTVd
de Liga4Fun ETTV admin TanTe
By: GTVd
de vp.ETTV.Server
By: arni (ettvd)

gb [#Impact.Gaming] TV Server
By: eVo (ettvd)

ua ClanBase ETTV
By: doneX (ettvd)

us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 1
By: gtv`steph (ettvd)

us #Pr3dS.Gaming ETTV 2
By: gtv`steph (ettvd)

xx |CzL| ETTV - 1
By: GTVd
xx |CzL| ETTV - 2
By: GTVd

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: unknown


need more slots!!:o
yes need more, this is like THE gane, idle crushed god, abd uQ just ows 8)
uQ FTW !!!!!!!!!!!
Omfg, less slots plz!!!

Too much!
yup more slots will be fine !!!

Need Zenith server and the flyingDJ
idle ftw! (l)
Idle v6idab!!!!
Ikka hoiaks omade poolele :)
Idle win!!!
uQ will win imo
Idle will no doubt win (l)
uQ for the win!!! :)
Think twice before you whine about the lack of slots. The game is still a week ahead. Ofcourse more broadcasters will sign up and thus more slots.
Idle!!! (l)
go parodia!
parodia ftw :)8|:o|:s:P:D8)*-);)|:-|/:/|-):?:@:(8-)(l):|
rofl nice whine about slots with still one week left to the match |:s

gl uQ and idle :)
uQ o/8)
Idle omab selle pela nagunii ?ra 8)
uQ has no chance idle will win this.

check yaself out whos the best... this is easy for uQ :D
as staff at idle.ee I am clearly not being biased when I say idle ftw! :P
uQ ftw
do you need password to view this match?:|
idle vs uQ 5;3 imo :](l)
slotti slotti slotti!:D
uQ ftw ;)
Lol final again u96d(idle) and uQ(parodia) lol :D
Mystic gogogogogo
parodia win again!!!!
make 1-1 so we can get peace in world of ET (l)
lol stupid match because we all know that uQ win mystic raweney and jafo owned
uQ gonna win :D <3 mystic<3
uQ aka parodia <3
we need more slots tbfh :(
more slots indeed :) hopefully they will have around 700 slots 8|
idle will win.

oh, will they?
idle will win this imo :P :D (l)
idle win!:P
gonna be a very exciting match imo:D:D
maidrion is that rocket science ?:)
idle ftw(l) but imo its gonna be a nice match, worth seeing:D
Saint and his panzerfaust<3
feruS will play this match?
Slots will be added soon
idle (l)(l)(l)(l)(l):|:|:|:|:|

#sledgeh.et 8-)
Idle (l)
UQ 8) pwned :D
go uQ (l):D
need more sluts (l)
i hope uQ will win :)) 4-2
imo uQ and Mystic will win xD
parodia 4:0
gl idle
Idle is going to win this one:)
4-2 to Idle !
Idle will win, (l) :>
gl both going to be a nice match imo :}
UQ ftw! Raveneye! (l)
Aj em de best idle.ee rox
Parodia for teh win
Fu"!!!!!1111 Idle 2 win alltheway.(l)
what is a slave? a server with pasword? there are 11 servers but 8 with slave : Y
slave : N is there a password needed to watch?
imo uG ftw
uQ /:/
uQ will win 8)
idle.ee forever!!!;)
GOGO uQ 1000 Slots.Nice :)
idle.ee = CHAMPIONS!!!:)
ok lets see idle...
idle ftw, 1105 slots - lal :P
we Need more slots !!!!! [lol]|:-|
both (l)
both team can win. (l)(l)(l)(l)(l)
gl uQ
i hope it will be a match with more than 3 maps!!!

my prediction idle win 4:2 |:-|
no 4-2 for uQ xD
Hell with Mystic! TeKoa, You can do this !!(l)(l)(l)(l)
This is it !! |:s:D:P
WE love mystic!!!(l)

Divorce Gays Association
lol 1205 slots atm!!
Need more!!! :):D:)
im looking forward to this game, just like last year it took idle to drop to the loser brackets before totally owning everything and everybody
5-3 for parodia :D
gl to both team,
i hope that it will be an exciting match /:/8|:)
idle 4:2 imo(l)
This is tonight, Get on it!

going to be a fun match. GL both |:-|
tekoa > mystic

Idle.ee (l)(l)(l)(l)(l)(l)(l)(l)(l)(l)(l)
2 bad parodia stops after this match :O i heard |:-|
more slots plz
1205 slots not enough? 8|
1315 *
Imo idle for teh win! Fuck uQ 8-):|:|
DeatMeat and Holz rlz!!!:)
uQ > idle
idle = luckers :S
yep dmr. that is bad
:| raveneye rules ! :)
uQ FTW !!!!!11111
uQ FTW jafo and mytic!
idle.ee will win today
1570 slots :o
lol 1600 slots xD this is what i call ettv:)
only 1570 slots, ffs nub ettv |:s
mmh this will be even more interesting as NL vs HUN :D
4 Hours to go. o/

(l) uQ (l) will make it.

gl both teams:P
o my fucking god, number of teh slots ownz o_O
ettv will crash anyways
|:-| kajaaaaa!
spon the problem atm is actually that the matchserver crashes not ettv!
gl uQ and idle :o
will be good game!!!
fffs too much ettv servers :p
Mooooooooooooooore slots.... only 1570 slots now! :P

ET isnt dead.... 8)8)8)8)

Thank you all for that great game!

Thanks gamestv, thanks all ETTV-Server, thanks radio-zenith and Radio iTG!!!
uQ will win i hope :]
This Gonna Be The Greates Match Ever <3(l)
so GL & HF for teams 8-)8-)
idle will win 4-0 but uQ will win the second match with 4-2
Parodia ftw!
=) (=
:D good luck swine (l)
kleszcz Tuesday, 24th January 2006 10:59
need more slots!! :o

more slots ? what for ? only more crashes imo
Gl 2 Idle8)
go uQ !!! (l)
40 mins left !!! :D*-):D
uQ > idle

S4rna > uQ + idle

no shoutcast link? uQ.gaming FTW8)
gl both teams
Joke joke ofc|-)
ye i wish them the best without injures :):|
Check also
Too many slots! :o

gl uQ
mwaaa need more slots :(
UQ FTW <3 Raveneye:)
uq gonna take it!! but night<idle> is a realy good pleya!! :?
JyrkZ Tuesday, 24th January 2006 22:06

uQ has no chance idle will win this.

"mmkay w/e" Fin to rule ET!
uQ pwnd Idle gg
gratz UQ
wd uQ

well deserved imo
gg :]
uq pwns idle, easy win

when i grow up i wanna b like mystique*-)(l)/:/
Very great!!
To bad that all servers were full
not easy win...:?
hope uQ <3 but think idle.ee :(
idle.ee :>
gl teams...