Highbot vs SuperKawaiiKids (7460 views)

tr fireball
de souX
de aFa
nl handy
de biggi
de denn1z
nl perfo
gb noedel
gb scarzy
pl wiaderko
gb meez
gb owzo
18.11.09 21:30 CET
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: Early Xmas RTCWCup
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: twist3r (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 68951
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Return To Castle Wolfenstein TV
de PMCG Burnertv
By: twist3r (none)

Total Slots: 150
Viewer Peak: 59


1st :D gl
klare sache für HB
gl humm3l
denn1z reis ihnen den arsch auf :D
np for Handy. :D
omg i wish that will be a enjoyable match gl both!
Good Luck & Have Fun to both teams, ;).
With ET SKK! would win, but I dont play RTCW :<
gl SKK
lncomplete! CREW OMGOMG gl
the game ist tommorow, not today!???
true, was tired yesterday when setting this up :d
gl both;]
wiaderko hf!
40 frags on assault
noodle u play still with etBot ?
Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Hostil says your gay.
If you are referring to me as "buttbuddy" then yes I still infact play with etbot.
fuken retard is rtcw, not et.
np dickerle
gl denn1z
Mach die Kapuhd!

gl azatej god of et
il a quelle gout le cul d'azatej?
GL both

I guess it will be a tight war, I'm too afraid to bet !
Why do I feel so much sarcasm :{D?
No sarcasm ! I rly don't know who will win the war ! Highbot played rtcw long time after so called skilled left the game, and handy stayed active even after :p
While skk got a strong roaster of ET powners, but will it be enough on RTCW which is kind of a different game ?

For me odds are rly 50/50, and check my bet, I won't bet ! :p
I don't see a chance for skk cuz they arent anything special in ET either ... HB was atleast a good RTCW clan : P
Do you understand that even if your megahighskill in ET, it won't help you in RtCW? The aiming system is 10 times harder, ET is a free easy version of RtCW :)
RTCW is a shit version of ET that costs money
Logic, you don't have it.
Brain, you don't have it.
Its as logical as your arguement you tard. If you don't realize that go find a dictionary.
Already played RTCW with perfo, he rox ;)
You have € 150 on de Highbot
You won € 471

He indeed rocks.
forgot that 1 man has the ability to make a team win

what a shame we couldnt play with you instead :-(
Yep, it is truly regrettable.
wiadro ,show all u r 1 of the best polska riflenaders , gl I beilve in you
oh wait , there are no rifles in rtcw ...
gl kawaii
newschoolers playing RTCW :p
GL azatej and perfo :).
gl handyy :3
Shoutout to LarsSekuh Azatej!
failbot wont take this
gl samba!perfo
ssk doesnt even know the objective at assault, everything on HB
vittu saatte selkään!
don't hide in spawn on assault skk!, should be a good game hopefully on ice.
gl derko!
skk are gonna get bashed

funny all those ET noobs betting on skk :)
GL Denniz :O / HB
wiader chyba w kazda gre gra
ahh btw BIGGI instead of Stranger :) thx^^
haha call him hängebauchschwein pls
oh errric hdf einfach du hässlicher bengel
You have € 15 on eu skk! Cancel bet
Possible win: € 21.75

make me rich!
You have € 10 on eu skk!
Possible win: € 14.7

perfo And azatej are is my heroes.
skilled players count in hb = 1
skk = 3

who wins?
fireball counts for 3 and i only see 1 skilled in skk so thats why highbot wins :)
Server uses protocol version 60 (your client is using 84)
fireball selfbust
beim obj am ende, wenns dus nicht gesehn hast kann man das nich erklärn (x
man hat seine waffe gesehen, schade :-)
war ja auch nich ernst gemeint brainer, man merkt direkt das du von highbot bist ;<
lustig war noch ich steh davor und seh seine waffe und sage noch v54 :D:D:D:D richtiger fisch dann kommt er rausgesprungen xDD
hab ihn auf deinem screen nich gesehn, warscheinlich ging das ingame besser, das rausspringen war noch der größte fail als fops
score ?
You have € 30 on de Highbot
You won € 94.2

knew scarzy would fail :D
You have 72 on Highbot
You won 226.08

nice nick du verficktes stück scheiße!
You have € 10 on de Highbot
You won € 31.4

dumb asses
You have € 1750 on de Highbot
You won € 5495

You have € 500 on de Highbot
You won € 1570
lol wtf why is owzo in skk their lineup?
izi money
won 900+ ;-)
just 37 :(
You have € 30 on de Highbot
You won € 94.2

hummel oldskool rtcw playa
You have € 1200 on Highbot
You won € 3768

was quite obvious liked the odds :D
hahaha ET retards betting on some random ET noobs aaahahhaa owned :)))))

idd m8 lol plx!!

idd m8 lol plx!!
You have € 24 on Highbot
You won € 75.36

Im NOT stupid :)))) wp HB
breaking news
I didnt ask for your oppinion, mr ludeviech cdap founder :D
i m not ludviech :D
ludviech is the brother of jozz, i always had the nick v1ech :>>>
You have € 1000 on Highbot
You won € 3140
olis pitäny pelata... =D
schön jungs
omg You have € 642 on eu skk!
You lost
FALLAIT tenté le coup de poker c sa de parié sur les meilleur à chaque fois
a vá se arrombar!
You have € 200 on de Highbot
You won € 628

danke sehr
You have € 300 on eu skk!
You lost

danke sehr!