Team Normality vs angelDust - nkNn (6148 views)

nl adeto
de eujen
be eron
mt Killerboy
gb Ethr
be chizz6l
be iLLuMiSe
be crook
be witje
nl loazis
17.02.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CIEC Seeding Tournament
Manager: Killerboy (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 20577
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 96


ESTVING ALE DOJEBALES CZLowieku zamknij okno kurwa nei ... mam busta przez ciebie:!
ty tez cheatowales :s wiec masz.
pare razy WH i huj ale nie kurwa zjebie na gamestv
nigdy na gtv cwelu :X
ta bo co? Na gtv by cie tych dwoch randomowych specow zbustowalo?
chyba unban estving ty matole. wypierdalaj do gimnazjum a nie sie udzielasz publicznie maly zgredzie
Gl ethr :D
low vs low
killerboy is cheater
busted him xDDDDDDDDDDD
gl loazis
eujen back or not ??
normality nubs, l2p
nkNn dont play too good, KB might ban you if you win them :)
np CROOKISHOT will take it >:)
np 4 eron :)
fanboi <3
gl lowazis <3!
think this will be rescheduled, be iLLuMiSe not avi
gl Killerboy
low vs low
Too easy for baldie.
You have € 100 on eu Norm Cancel bet
Possible win: € 628

Gl normality
never bet on kb as long as forfeit wins dont count on gtv
gl eron en adeto!
eujen's first and only ciec7 match with normality -> insta win :p
gl lowazis ;d;d;
hf getting spawncampend nkNn
gl witje
+ gl eron
gl binBASH
gogogogoogogogogogogogogogoogog remy,josh and jeroen!
gl BDFF <3
gg wp both retarded teams -_-
dunno they didnt have 5 at 21:20 and now i egoquited cause everyone is acting like a retard. you figure it out :P
you were the only one acting like a retard.
Don't forget chizz6l
i dont act like one, i am one :<
talking about our team.
and NOW think further then just the moment when I left.
what you did was even worse than what snoop did, nknn paused 2 times, then you paused without telling anyone why, ethr unpaused and you quit and didnt want to join................ instead of rage quitting you could have answered
as I said, look further then the egoquit retard... it started wen they didnt have 5 players

first eujen acts like an idiot and doesnt want to play 4v5
then when we have done first round. People start acting like retards on coms.
then grush I am told to go panzer and give coms, i always go main panzer and then the rifler is there blocking me and not giving coms on tankbuild
then in attack eujen does the exact retarded tactics that we always have to use
then at cointoss people start acting like retards cause they can't read or thing about what they think themselves without asking the rest(eujen)
then the mapchoice is handled by total idiots
then they pause twice cause of lag and everyone is flaming eachother for no reason
then I pause cause I have lag and my team immediatly unpauses without asking whats going on

and now think about what i said before eujen was back

gg wp
and you never acted like a kid before that?

next time whine/talk about it after the match not during it
i have done that. and when i say come server for some things i wanna say you and eujen are too busy playing purefrag -_______-
ethr and eron weren't online, and eujen didn't want to change them ffs :|

but i already told ethr what we should do last week, just fucking unlucky that we were avi at 8:30 and eron had mic probs aswell to top it up... everything fucked up.
you were the only one of your team acting up and taking chizz6l serious, despite our advice. Rest of us, we were discussing but not flaming.
i wasnt serious neiter taking it.
low vs low
Well, that was something special.
I apologize in behalve of chizz6l. When he was 10 years old and played soccer in my team he was an outstanding goalie. Once during a game he dove to get the ball unfortunatly his head hit the pole and so he was brought to the hospital. There they said he now had to live like a midget for the rest of his life and act like a retard. I'm sorry for him :(:(:(:(:(:
Too bad it had to turn out like this, atleast the last rounds were fun and gg's.
No hard feelings.
true last map was nice wp
4v5 and nice map :D?

it's like saying supply was a nice map
yuno had 999 so 4v4 :P
Ma ge hebt er wel eerst voor gezorg dat ge ons bna kont fullholden :p

Achja, what ever.. Gwn kaka avond
die was 2 ronde 999 he, vandaar da we onze pauzes aant benutte waren int begin ;)
we gibbed yuno pretty much every spawn for his ammo ;)
4-2 for nknn

supply 1st round was 4v5, and braundorf was 5v4 (and 4v4 later), so dunno what gtv rules are about it.
if the league says 4:2 we enter 4:2 as well
they were the better team, we won cuz they had internal problems :( </3
Ah nkNn won? Soon @ CF - nkNn banned for demos :)