energy-WAVE vs Team Validus (5288 views)

de gr0ss
de t1mmAe
de stRay
us pAuZ
pl uf0l
gb reAliZe_
gb Jinosta
gb tyyrd
gb DeMeNtEd
fi kolibri
02.02.10 21:30 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 WinterCup 2010
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: stray (Generaladmin)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 19662
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de |Gods-of-Gaming| ETTV by. miiiq
By: stray (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 16


gl pAuz :D
gl jinosta tyyrd realiZe
gl e-wave
easy for e-WAVE
rockstAr aka. the Maschine !
lol .. izi 4 gr0ss & stray :pPpPP !

jinosta - Paparazi '':D''
4:0 e-Wave wp gg
<3 rea :D
gl realize + jinosta
gl sean ;)
2 easy 4 gr0ss & rockstAr
gl sean ;)
izi for the aimbot
gl validus
gl timmae
gl wave
iZi energy
gl sean(s) ;)
shaun! get it right numbnuts!
rockstar zeh cheater.
gl gays ! :)
rockstar dont go to lan because he cant hack ther XDDDDDDDDDD
EESEL dont go to school because he can learn english ther XDDDDDDDDDD
funnily enough hes estonian, and funny enough your like 30
so? :D
30 year old germans speak english alot better than a 12 year old from estonia
25! :<
but u look way older :P
i know, its because of my wisdom!
funny cause hes legit
jinosta gona roll some nerds!
pauz is gonna bash!
gl jinosta & gross
let's hope richy's bro doesn't start downloading this time :P

wouldnt make a difference :D
GL richy :)
gr0ss !!!
rockstAr aka The man who doesnt has money!!! Eventhough all the lan payments and accomodation is arranged!!!
He doesnt have money to spend on food silly.... Jeez does no one belive this story just 1 month before LAN?
net alsof jij gaat'' :D ''
jzkr, CU at LAN , met andere nick enzo, komen ze toch niet achter. al betaald voor entree, en ik woon vlakbij dus hoef geen hotel
yeah and??...
ahah poor
btw hes 17 obviously his parents way into it :)
i'm 17 too, but i have a job, i make money
Im 17 too.. No Job.. Paying myself, without lan support.. And im from Liverpool, meaning im a thieving cunt and poor living in a council house with 7 people..
so u sold ur bot to have money for the lan ? :)
i paid for lan entry, not him. i paid for the 2 of our's.
In ur recruitement CF post u say that the one who joins your team doesnt has to pay entry or accomodation (prob) so thhis shit what u saying here is 'Jezelf Tegen Spreken' dunnho how to say it in english
wat lul je nou dombo hij zegt dat hij voor hun 2 heeft betaald en die hackende mafketel dus niks zelf betaald heeft
rockstar and i WOULD have been going together at the same time. he would have come to my house before we left for europe. that's why i footed the bill. he'd have paid me back.
so your saying hes dodged lan?
im saying his rents won't let him come.
stray ftw!
Lan top 3 team vs nonames?

gl rockstAr
gl rockstar and pauz <3 ez
easy for gr0ss & stray ! :) hf energy-WAVE
jino will deliver
2 izi 4 e-wave x)
np 4 reAliZe_ : )
rockstAr & Jinosta

online only.
gl ewave
hf gr0ss => the uber machine
[19:21:47] <Validus`reAliZe> give me some lovedude
gl gr0ss pwner
gl gr0ss
hf pauz, rockstar
Viewer Peak: 2
worth to watch
gg wp, good games
nice e-wave
Score is now entered - thx