PALLOT vs Delinqüentes (4877 views)

fi Bluman
fi Botti
fi lEku
fi Kerkko
fi HenQ
fr b3ck_
es Magico
es Dude
es Zwei
fi Karii
fi Milu
11.02.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 WinterCup 2010
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Bluman (Requestee)
Maps: Radar
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Total Pot: € 14263
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 14


no soossi no win
no soossi no hacks no fun oh wait..
yes bluman yes hacks yes fun.

suerte nenes.
ye me has mucho fun :))
me has mucho fun with you too xD
Darle a este tio x Dios
si podemos les daremos, ahora que si se lo ponen al maximo no vamos a salir del spawn. :D
stop hyping it, the joke got old 2 weeks ago.

you've already had your fair share of attention so stfu.
niiku se ei oo haksaamassa sielä :D:D:DD:D:D
where are fucking cheaters???:-D
vituuuun neeeeeeekerit:-D hf Signum
cheaters? webe and soossi? soossi banned and webe said we are too low for him :D
ok cheater:-D webe is 2 low 4 u:-P
i said i dont want to play any 5on5s with ppl who use etbot with max settings, tho you werent using it i guess.
who is doing that? lol. we dont cheat in 5v5 games!!!
vitun neekerit:-P u are good guy but cheat in game is 4 fucking kid:-(
gl in rl
rl lol wtf?

And who says anything about me cheating? I've cheated in the past (1year or so). But I haven't cheated since way before my last CB ban, which was for cvars..

There are no real proofs that I've cheated, so gtfo with the "you are cheater" etc etc kinda stuff ;)
CHEATER OMGOMGOMG XD , ei va et oo ollu koodari vuotee
Description Wallhack, Cheated in ESL Official match + same as hid=3149018, hid=3114743, hid=2950706
Created 02 Feb 2010 19:41
Banperiod 12 months

since 02 feb. u stopped cheatin , am i right ?
And what was the evidence that I got banned for? Demo? OH YES!
tajuutko traktoriperse et jos ei demon takii voi saada bännii ni ei niit kyl sit tuu samaan. hf
Demosta voi saada bannia. Mutta se on hyvin heikkoa jos bannaa demosta, ja varsinkin vuodeksi. Mr. "Traktoriperse"
np 4 magico
don't you think these insest fins share hacks?
suerte magico and zwei. :) ly karii gl <3
1)We will use wildcard since our rifle is not avi to play on wednesday

2)We are NOT going to play on your server,so if you want to request ETTV,do it with an uk/ger server
1) Thanks for tellin

2) Thanks for telling aswell will organize :)
1) np

2) make sure of request uk/ger server please,coz otherwise we won`t play
spec Bluman for wh.
want my wh? (same that bluman, kerkko, signum, leku, botti and henq uses) /q SOOSSI` on IRC and just ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
youre seriously not funny. you shouldn't be proud of cheating
who says im proud lol?

I'm just saying that if you really want my WH (pallot wh) just ask me on IRC /q SOOSSI` on Quakenet !
I don't have it yet... :D
OH ya lol. /q me on pallot channel and i'll send you the "pallot-welcoming-present.exe" :)
ok will do it before the match :DDDDDD
gl milu & kariii
GL Mind.
gl delinQ
gl milu
Gl delinQ y magico ;)
Gl to us :D

gl magico ;)
gl beck :D
allez b3ck tu vas tout déchirer!
ayaaaah b3ck joue avec des nC customers !! flammons le !!
gl delinq !
b3ck qu'est tu fouts avec ces cheaters de merde ?
J'ai joué avec eux et ils sont tout sauf obvious. Le seul qui cheatait c'était soosi et il ne joue plus chez nous.
Mind? Jotain rajaa for fuck sake
Aattelin soluttautuu jos sais koodei, mut oikeesti emmä jaksakkaa( nii vamoi heheee )
hello bluman ! i love you <3 go on mate !!
Gl NEnitasss :P
GOGOGOGOGO delinq :)
GL nerds :D
olole beck =)
You have € 200 on es delin Cancel bet
Possible win: € 644
You have € 100 on es delin Cancel bet
Possible win: € 320
gl b3ck & bluman (sina olet homo:)
Take Webe!
4-0 delinq
You have € 50 on delin
You won € 160
tnx fellas :)
You have € 200 on es delin
You won € 640

ty delinq ;)
You have € 20 on es delin
You won € 64

all my money :D
no soosi no win retards xD
You have € 1000 on delin
You won € 3200
nice pichel

You have € 20 on delin
You won € 64
You have € 100 on Pallot
You lost
pallot skill level has turned down since I "got banned" :( LOWS!!!!

THX DELInQQ Miluu <3

You have € 100 on es delin
You won € 320