de gr0ss
de stRay
is phyZic
es magico
es Zwei
es mArkus
06.02.10 19:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Hosting: GamesTV.org
Manager: stray (Generaladmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 3990
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de |Gods-of-Gaming| ETTV by. miiiq
By: stray (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 30


omg gr0ss omg :p
es mArkus
es ZwEi
es fagico
i trust in you gr0ss !! & phyzic (=
and he in hax
gr0ss? :XD
gr0ss low max, phyZiC high
phyzic is obvious, of all ppl you should know that
just cheating.
just 100x better then you keep on whining frog
sorry man, im not cheating i cant pwn and get easy dg ;]
well i can and i know that you can´t, you suck
of all people I should know that? And btw, IMO phyZic is just not that known player. Sure he has played over the years in some top teams, but never really carried one. And that might be the reason people underestimate phyZic.

I've played against and with him, and he really is very skilled player. It's just my opinion.
no, no , you are skilled ... ooohwwwaaiiiittt !!
No no, I really am skilled. I just got banned by DEMO. Which is more than pathetic, low and lame from KB and FoaMeA.

When I asked FoaMeA, what did I get banned for? He said: Look at the 10 PBBans links in the topic. (My "Bust topic") And all of the links are more than 1 years old. (Not ban-able anymore) And I've served ban for each.

So even FoaMeA couldn't tell me what I got banned for at ESL, he just wanted to ban me, so that I couldn't play anymore officials. And that, is very lame and pathetic.

He told me on IRC, that if I admit that I was cheating, I would get only 1 year on ESL, instead of 2 years. That just shows, how badly he wants me to say that I REALLY cheated. And not like this, banning by what happens in the demo for 2 years in ESL.

Btw, 1 OBVIOUS part, what I got banned for, was that I took spawnpoint from Limbomenu.

Well, HF thinking that I got banned for REALLY cheating. :)
you knew that squall was behind boxes.. u stopped and turned another way and preshooted him. that was really obvious. end of story
When you play adlernest, you gotta know 2 things. 1st, if the obj goes down from the objective taking place, and the enemies see that, more than usually there is someone waiting for him. 2nd, if the obj goes up from the objective taking place, and the enemies see that, more than usually the objective stays at CP and the enemies wont go all rambo and kill him.

At the point, where Bluman took the objective, I screamed at vent for him to go down way (:P YES SCREAMED OMFG) And he came down. A bit before, we were at the door (which opens when you blow up the controls) I told him that there is someone waiting for him at down, that he should go up. And how did I know that? Experience my friend :) (You can test any wh you think sees that far, and you won't find one)

Anyway. Bluman went up, and I went down to get the guy waiting for him. How did I know he was behind the box??? Well, first I looked on the other box behind the one where squall was, at the left side, and if someone was there he would have shot me already because I was getting pretty close. And when I was walking next to the squall box, I saw him and started shooting at him.

It's just game experience, when you play 3v3 & 2v2 against med+/Higher teams, you will see that most of the teams do these kinda things. :)
i want to bet money on you :-(

i loved the winning gb money :P
Just play this game after 1 year and I'll be back to win some gbooky money for you ;)
hf mates :D izi 4 u
Menudo trio de putas

hf magico
You have € 50 on es delin
You lost

omg lows -.-
Hab doch einfach mal vertrauen in dich!
phyzic well cheated
i had more dmg than phyzic in both maps... and he should cheat? lOl <3
you are just pro mate :) aber er cheated wirklich er war nicht umsonst 2 mal busted :)
Aber stray du bist cool aber warum spielst du immer mit solchen typen der bloody (früher) boNg usw.
gr0ss spielt nie mit mir :XD
er meinte mich :)
aso :< , jetzt darfst du nicht mehr mit mirspielen weil predi sonst ganz traurig ist :(
he is a bit suspicious imho.
if you would have hitboxes you would have cried the whole, time i have watched the replay and there is nothing suspicious in that match , i gave one 3hs in grush that was weird but thats all
ich sollt mal aufschreiben mit welchen leuten du zockst stray...
ich mach ne schwarze Liste und ne weiße Liste. Und ich denk mal bis jetzt kann ich die weiße mal wieder wegpacken, da wird länger keiner aufgeschrieben werden...