erAse #DevineGaming vs Left Hand Solution (3249 views)

nl Esse
nl Apoc
at DonMatthias
gb Nips
no Hexagon
fi BossHK
fi dTEC7
fi DMZ
se Hoffae
fi Poksuu
fi Superpallo
fi Jacker
fi tba

Easy Company Cup Season III 6v6
Winner - Semi final
You can download sw_battery_b3 : HERE
21.02.10 21:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Easy Company Cup III 6v6
Hosting: Official GTV Coverage
Manager: Masterseries (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_battery
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Total Pot: € 13254
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 12


z0mg we palys vs bosshk
o my dog!
be very scared
gl Poksuu
how about someone schedules the damn match alrdy.. other semi final has alrdy been played
Sunday 21.2 ok?
Should be no prob!
well done.
sarcasm or for real? :p been trying to get a hold of you mister warorga, but I havent been around a lot during the evening, though I will be avi again from tomorrow evening untill forevah! besides, we need this pocal :s
sarcasm. pocal hunter :X
GL ( speciaal voor esSe, mss winnen jullie nog :< )
Gl erase ;)
very izi 4 erase...

gl DON & DMZ <3
esse je hebt my !
so NOT a problem for the magic DonMatthias
gl fins and don
Possible win: € 881.1
You have 2950 on >LHS<
Possible win: 3953
You have € 321 on >LHS<
Possible win: € 407.67
gl dMZ:*
be carefull on their asses Don Apoc and Nips:P
huge shout-outs to lhs \o/
gl DonMatthias <333333333
no BossHK, no win.
gl don :D
cu @ final winners
You have € 4000 on fi >LHS<
Possible win: € 10440 !!!!!!!
Kuulin juttua että LHS on ollu kujalla viimeset 6v cointossin suhteen :DDDDDD
Ei.. kyl se niin menee et cointossin häviäjä valitsee mapin ja puolen.
DMZ: senditkö sen sun push scriptin?
LORDI: ei oo, painan f
DMZ: joo sure :/

:D gl!
we disagree :/
Is it required to be a retard in order to be admin of these cups or what... sigh.
Anyways gg (fu Goldorak you stupid fucking retarded shitcunt)
Ok its not because u lose then u have to be angry, i said

drop 1 map - oponent drop 1 map and play the last who left
Easy to understand no ?
Want log to prove it ?
we lose, we angry.
does it make proper sense to you that when you win the cointoss that the opponent can choose which map they want to play and side as well?
So according this, nowdays it's better to lose cointoss because then you can choose a map and a side.
did we choose a side? :O i didnt see any chating about it nor votes :O
easy bash
lets play another offi with cool maps and see which way the bash goes boobie
'cool' maps being what? Supply and braundorf? :D i'll stick to my easy bash for now..
cool maps being other maps than battery delivery and ice :DDD

whut else..
you is banana speak?
want a cracker?
a cold beer would be cool.. mine are all warm :x forgot to put them to the fridge
agreed, is finnish beer any good? or you like foreign beer?
You should try Red Stripe from jamaica thats good beer! Also Karhu & Karjala Finnish good beers.
You have € 4000 on fi >LHS<
You won € 10440 I LOVE YOU !!!!!