Belgium vs Hungary (9702 views)

be mAx
be zeto
be Shewie
be mAus
be lioco
be Xionn
hu senti
hu future
hu d3st
hu faith
hu cs4fi
hu fobje
Group D
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21.11.06 20:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup X
Manager: NightRaver (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
de, Hub/Recorder 1 (30 slave slots)
By: skooli (ettvd)


Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 381


belgium ftw =)
gl all
bel ftw
bel > hun
hf mAus
hun easily imo
<3 fobje
gg & hf go BEL
pwn them BE!
lio ,maus , acid kick some ass guys :)
pff n44b belgians ! hun ftw !
go HUN ...isi 1
mAus > Hungaria... --> Belgium > Hungaria :D :) :D
mAus > blonde prince in a white horse, a big tv star with no skill
HUN > brutal butcher from the near street
<3 Hungary
gl shewie :)
easy 1 for bel =)

GL both
today vib won vs team HUN and if u didn't know vib = +- team bel :P
so gl to both teams =)
hun > bel

gl guys

(ha megint bukok rajtatok morcos leszek, szal gyerünk.:)
be vs goulash 4-0
<3 goulash soup

hf both ;D
go BE
uh,,,, be > hungary!!
have fun belgium good luck hungary :x
*sorry 2 maccabi :p*
<3 hungary rulz and mAus sux
omg verih izi bash for hungary... belgium better to forfeit...
go belgium !

perform better than our football team pls :)
BEL, because vib is almost the whole BEL team and they won of them in 1 day cup from HUN with 4-0!
belgium > HUN
Belgium > Hungary , i wish us4rmy , C4Sf1 , future goodluck :) but mAus And hope so max will > them
Us4rmy ? D:: :D: d:.DSA:: A:F :ds:ga roflka
thx but i don't play et:) so i'M not in teamhungary

hu senti
hu future
hu d3st
hu faith
hu csafi
hu fobje
its mAx not max kthx
It's not maus either, it's mAus.
But do we care about capital letters ? not rly.
Yes that's a great difference -.-
Go Belgium! Make us proud
belgium gonna p00n ze hungarian biatches
have fun belgium
don't cry hungary
I'm hungry
what naab is xnn
Go Belgium !!!
cöcöcö i heard belgium left ET after they know against who they need to play...
i heard u should learn english ...
i heard ur reply skill is shit
lol shewie + maus > hun
Best player of Hun is Senti , but he cant do it alone >:o]
mAus <3
frauwe <3 ow she doesn't play ...
BE <3 than :P :D
Jenever vs palinka !
Should be interesting ^^
go BE
Go .be & Senti
GL mAx, Xionn
Bel > Hun 4:2

where u from Qyz ;)
alleZ ik zeide van België allicht
Hungary <3
fobje and future to win
gl orangeboi
Good luck Xionn and mAx <3
lol, kids are blaming Team-Hungary...
Both teams have chances to win, but u guys think Bel owns Hun easily...ok, guys u know, but if Bel looses I will laugh as large as i havent ever done...
but what if Belgium wins :O
do u laugh now :D
I think this will be more even than the odds show, but I expect Belgium to come out on top. Then again - the last time they met (NC VIII), Hungary won...
Belgium got totaly outspammed on Supply 2 NCs ago if I remember well.
I think it'll be a close one now indeed...
I bet on
sorry guys:
hun > bel :)
no chance for mAus
yep, only a part of bel 2:0 hun
who is Us4rmy? :DDDDDD :)))))
GL .be!
kijafaszom lehet az a kutyevka Cujó? te tudod? :D
easy 4 belgium
mAus <3
we have a special weapon against belgs, we call it The Goulasch Cannon...
in Hungaria "A Gulyás Ágyú" :D
better than Panzer believe me... :D
i bet £200 on the hungarian team !
i bet £20 only, but i hope they win!
The Goulasch Cannon <--- Good tactics :)
like usual ... gogo Be ... 4-0
mÄx <3
gl mAus and the rest of the gang
goo future fobje!

moah allez zet uw beste beentje voor eh maatjes mAus en denzeto
go go senti <3
kurva anyátok belgák !!!!!!
rohadt kis geci faszopók !!
Ne égesd már magad
BE aka hax team ftw! :O
<33333333333 hungary!!!! GOOD LUCK cs4f111111111111 + sentiiiiiii + fobje !
uhmm... please do tell me who ever hacked in team BE??? :s
mAus's aim is purely natural, if he's the one you mean...
belgians rox but this day better to forfeit...
gg fiúk.....mAus skilled?hmm jósokat tudok angolul nem?:)
Your bet: 200€ on HUN Possible Win: 1000 € (+800 €)
plz :)
Total Slots: 250 :| and al servers far away... engeeeeeeeeeee?????? do sth :P
how about you work on your global knowledge?
yes I know, al = all blablabla, like I f'ing care about the spelling of what I type... and certainly not about your opinion on that :)
it wasn't even about that word... it is about your GLOBAL knowledge... je weetwel, dat je weet waar al die landen liggen, die kennis
well finland, denmark and Korea isn't next door imo (I'm be)
denmark ain't that far away :/
mAus > Hongary ;)
more slot plz :S
fu 4 seNti :*
echt wa janette :/ zit dien fucking radio er terug op , men ET is broken , dus willek volge via radio , en dan doen die paljasse dien weg :/ omg get a life
total slots: 380 viewer peak: 380 omg fuck fuck fuck :( i again miss a big match
omg danish lagserver :[
NICE SLOT wtf i can't watch the match ... more slot ftw !
lol it was a great expected surprise :D :D
nice team .be

idd mor slots and beter slots than they from ClanBase ETTV because it was realy laggy!
Quinne Tuesday, 21st November 2006
do u laugh now :D

- If you could read, i said "U know guys"
btw, for analfabetas It's Hungary, not Hongary and kinda sheetz.
to mAus fans : mAus can't win a match by himself...
man of the match: FOBJE!

eqzy- Wednesday, 22nd November 2006 12:35

btw, for analfabetas

:o owned, although i think i can read+write correctly...
i stop killing my mind b/c of inmature kids.