Morrigu vs zeroPoint! Gaming (15247 views)

ca Wesbo
de Brot
dk gyzr
nl joop
nl teKoa
nl sem
no Lakai
pl nrs
at Darky
at Potter
at Rapture
ch Gifty
de Butchji
de Hatred
Group A - Matchweek 1
The kickoff of ClanBase ET EuroCup XIV!

28.11.06 21:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ClanBase ET EuroCup XIV
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
Downloads: TV Demo: Morrigu vs zeroPoint! Gaming (3 Files)
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By: conr4d
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Language: Polish
us Radio iTG
By: stewie
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,000
Listener Peak: unknown

Enemy Territory TV
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By: h3ll (ettvd)
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By: andyF1 (ettvd)
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By: gtv.otter (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 692


who gives a fuck dammit?
zP pwns all

gl potter, darky, rapture
wow, good luck morrigu :) <3
If you would play, I would bet my money on you :)
lick his ass more :pppp
lol :D I'm just fanboy :P
your EVERYONE'S fanboy...!
GYZR! omaguard!
haj gos
tekoa oO?
2 Bad Tekoa Gewoon Bij blijve geaK :S
Tekoa :o I thought he stopped playing ET :o
surprise! You didn't believe that didn't you :|
did you?* :p
to did or didn't, that's the grammatical question :D
he didn't stopped playing ET, he's just inactive
ofc he never stopped... He's God u know <3
gl zp @ adlernest rofl
teKoa go back to plz
tekoa traitor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111
gl rapture, darky, potter <3
go mQ
tekoa, good choice to be an Morrigu!
i think he played with the romeo nick.. am I right ?
Skal heie på deg lakai! <3 ^^,
tekoa :O:O ? why not idle :O ?
easy bash for zeropoint tbh
zP suck ! They shew what they can on PGA ... www.zal

P.S Butchji ->>> bot
more sensefull comments pliiis
hes got the point, they own when they are @ home, but they suck @ lan. strange oO
Bet u guys forgot about qcon allready didnt u?
they didnt win and got pooned by idle tbh
Ok, guess that means butchji didnt play (omg I said played) good at all.
didnt play*

Yea hes good @ home, but not well concetrated @ LANs :D
* concentrated
And you know that because you know him in real life ?
nope, its logical if he owns @ home he has good conditions to play there, but on lans....:S
Pssst. I'm surprised as well I'm not banned yet. Sucked on every LAN I played so far and I'm still not busted. :-/
Meaby u still create new bots, and pb don't discovered that yet ;>

Can you answer me why you lose PGA ? You destroyed idle(in home (^.^) if someone wouldn't know it) idle won with FF, and you lose with FF <lol>

Bad day... im don't think so. Hax - more probable ;P
you look geeky enough to make bots...
i know you have ultraviolet wallhacks and magical UV glasses, im on to you!
I haven't that all I just ask :)
pss, butchji did own at qcon tbh :o
all because 5on5 sucks :p

and FF and NETL rly did their best.
GL mQ!
omg tekoa oO
gl gyzr
gl lakaii <3
Your bet: 90€ on mQ
Possible Win: 450 € (+360 €)

GL zP!
gl wesbo joop and ofc the rest of you guys :)
think i will place a cheeky 40euro bet on mQ here... might just see an upset
joop and tekoa really powerful if you are looking on the aim they got, but in other hand there are butchji and potter. IMO, the team that is completer will win, no individuals power on this game.
gl zp
Tekoa left Idle because of he's inactive. But now hes participating on the ec with morrigu. Could anybody explain it?
HE GOT TIRED OF BULLSHIT!!!!!!!11111111111

He got tired of winning. ^^
wow nice match
GL Morrigay <3
tekoa ;d
zP fo sho
at zP!
teKoa? :O
tekoa?:-O :)
hmm oO
This is gonna be an easy victory for zP no doubt about that. mQ with tekoa or not makes no difference easy bash for zP. Gl
GL gyzr and mQ <3 :>
50 / 50 imo
lycka till lakai wesbo brot
i think i hear teKoa saying byebye :)
mQ .. teKoa ..
easy bash
Wormm Monday, 27th November 2006 23:17
SkullBreaker Monday, 27th November 2006 23:18

Pwnt by 1 minute :)
zP! imo
gl gyzr
nrs - zP win
Oo close one!
Get them joop! en gl wesbotje!
sem + wesbo + joop + tekoa = ?
teKoa with mQ ?
mQ will win for sure ! xD
max bet on teKoa xD
teKoa ! <3
brot for table tennis fichmppi / champion
8on6! so imo easy for mq
lol easy for zP! u will see
how you are all going to lose money with betting on zP, horrible :(
ich werde gewinnen :P
auch wenn ich nicht auf zP wette, wette ich nicht gegen uns, das ist nicht recht :(
btw, wann können wir heut anfangen zu praccen ;k
yea, they have rly good aimers and teamplay but their weakest point is the incredibly sucky rifle x)
Could be exciting
Need a lineup, no roster
GL teKoa :)
will be tekoa in line up? thx
omfg tekoa??

tekoa is not idle??
have you been in a wintersleep or something?
nrs in mQ lol?
gL to both teams. gifty potter darky <3
thats not teh real teKoa
the 1 & only teKoa has got a big --->K<---
not the fake tekoa with a small ..k..
real teKoa is still in idle but only inactive
look @ the official ESL site... look @ the listed players at honorary members

convinced now?
FAKER FAKER FAKER:DDD omfg..nice sherlosk holmes
if someone doesnt believe me:
even teKoa himself wrote that he is still in idle
he wrote it @ the match: idle - hx
mq with tekoa < zp
mQ for teh win
GL Joop, Brot, Lakai, Wesbo, gyzr!
my money on u :O)
gl zp
it really teKoa who play with mQ or is a FAKE ?
he plays with mQ now
and you could know, right? :P
yes. i know.
and only you would. for you are all-knowing ;) :D
Go Lakai <3
teKoa :o
why teKoa not play in
nrs mQ? :o lol
gl both
who cares why!? Let's just enjoy the match, looks to be a good one!
wheres tekoa?
its cb cup :/
Your bet: 9€ on mQ Possible Win: 45 € (+36 €)
die pls
swedish, and 0 sweden players hoi xD
mQ lineup??
Mq plz ftw.@
15 minutes delay :S...
18 minutes delay :)

too bad 'bout stewie :(
nice game mQ well played
no changes gg zp
really gg!
i won money :)
wp mQ , wanted you to win :(
GG, 2bad wes & joop, but nice that u guys took a map :)
gg close one at last :D
wp mQ grats zP
wp mQ, very nice game...
joop u was best today...
nice panzer from joop, GG
Joops panzer lolol.
unlucky mQ :<
gg zp rly wp , gg butchji @ that kill in gold jumping , shewie style
congrats to dignitas