France vs Iceland (11724 views)

fr emorej
fr maxuh
fr karnaj
fr Rizk
fr Straf
is phyzic
is freak
is fifty
is eMiz/sAs
15.03.10 22:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET SW NationsCup XIII
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Horek- (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 59742
The bets are closed.

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Radio Commentary
fr #Energiz Radio
By: kURS
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Language: French
fr #NerdVibes Radio
By: P3T4RD
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Language: French
us Fps Radio
By: mistaken
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Language: English

Total Slots: 1,100
Listener Peak: 19

Enemy Territory TV
fr #eNergiz TV I
By: kURS (ettvd)
fr #Gamerz-Connexion TV I
By: dr4g (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 209


GL & HF !
GL les guys ! Faites nous rêver !
GL que dire de plus :)
GL FR <3
ARNAR will do it
Gl fr
gl fr
gl arnar freak fifty !
gl arnar
kartez > kARnAj GL papy :D maxuh straf emo
gl karnaj,rizkk
gl les francais
hf nerds
go carlos!


GL FR, normalement c'est IZY
bonne chance maxuh et emorej!!!!
hah lul phyzic gna roll.
Gl les FRA faites nous rêver,y'a moyen de les battre :P.
y a grave moyen les gars !!
gl les fr
GL les FR, si on passe je crois qu'on se tape UK donc apres encore possible de les battre
gl les deux gays
You have € 600 on fr FRA Cancel bet
Possible win: € 666
gl karnaj, phyzic
You have € 76 on is ICE Cancel bet
Possible win: € 722.76

Aller les ! :DD
GL les coupaings !

OMG simoon c pa la chut ke ta fais cet hiver o JO a vancouver ?!
GL la france
izi 4 ice
Gl fra

be careful to polar bear

gl benj et les autres !

iceland need a sAs1 :p
hf karnaj & rizk
WE NEED 5th !!!!!
Pearl maybe?? =D

gl fra
izi ! =)
FPS-Radio may be late depending on the length of est vs cz
GL fra , and Gogo RNZ!
gl france
sas. all my moneyz on you! dont fuck it up as usual :P
Total Capital 10.18 €

EXACTLY!!!! its my whole gbooky life!!!!
il est malade, il shoutcast pas, c'est KD d'après ce qu'il m'a dit
FRA might lose this
Replace eMiz/sAs with is YuKi
nice fail:

<ICELAND`ARNAR> need server for a NC mactch :D PMME
there is one
pm arnar then, maybe he is a bit blind..
so boring
rly ? :)
il t'as mit cher le phyzik au colt ?
karnaj get skill :D:D:D

la triplette qu il ta mis :D:D

You have € 54 on is ICE
Possible win: € 260.28 GOGOGOGGO
4-0 Fra
Bravo à la France.
wp rNz
fu u should of played lowskiller
You have e 1000 on ICE
You lost
Iceland cheaters got rolled :_D
U SO FUNNY :_D EHHEHEEHEHEHEHEH we all using aimbot :_D EHEHHEEHEAHHAEEHEHEHAEHEAHEHEAHE we cheating HHeheheheehehehehehehehehee :_D :_D hey :_D SO FUNNY :_D
wh =|= aimbot, that might be why you lost <.<
Don't be happy, you'll be probably the next frogs victim...
there were no "obvious" or cheat like actions in that match at my half other then when i tripled karnaj on grush with the colt..
Yep, but Krj was obvious when he HS a flying ice man on Supply (first stage) with colt XD

J'rigole mais le random HS était magnifique !
c'est toi le random, pas mes hs :D
fifty was so obvious that everybody was laughing in spec :L
but then again, most ppl on ettv are kinda retarded and always laugh over random scenes and believe it when someone is said to be cheating :L
(don't know and didnt spec fifty though)
agree with this fact, but tbh he was kinda suspicious, considering the fact that we didn't know what was said @ vent and other stuffs, it is quite hard to decide if he was whing or not.
take replay, spec phyzic, worst imo
phyzic seemed pretty bad if i'm honest .. maybe lowering for ettv :P
ye but there is still too many actions where there is a selfbust! :D
GG les FRA <3 :).
gg !
You have e 300 on FRA
You won e 378

You have 6000 on FRA
You won 7560

easy money
goldrush, 7:40 on the clock, iceland attacks, no more proof needed xD

E: arnar might have wh aswell :o 2 mins later
ty i am very obvious
ye u cjeaater come back in vj:<
didn't spec you, but at this time fifty was dead and specced you and you throw a such a strange nade, but fifty could telll you that there was a medic <.<
talking about the nade when the rifle r sum was in the side stairs and i naded him? if so u can obviously hear him unless ur retarded
at least i couldnt. i had headset on and my cfg loaded, and i am actually not retarded <.<
fifty busted :/
the rifle nade at goldrush attack on side wasnt suspicious at all. he heard steps and thought axis is pushing towards side and shot a riflenade. whats the big deal.
maybe you should get a new headset/brain/cfg moPPel.