vs baserace winners (8336 views)

ee suVi al
ee xeoxis
ee loazis
ee Killerboy
ee Ati_
ee freeze
ee rAul
ee risee bff
de meNtal(nerd)
is PhyZiC(xiter)
be xAeee(xiter)
de boNg(xiter)
de heya(xiiter)
de Eriic(xiiter)
fi stRaym8 Vanhomo
de hugo kutsch
kutsch(MUUMUUMUM) cheated
27.03.10 23:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Miscellaneous
Manager: Killerboy (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Baserace
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Total Pot: € 31711
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV
fr #eNergiz TV I
By: kURS (ettvd)

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 48


We aren't cheating :(( why so many haters :((
BASE 1.79 3.44 brw You have € 1500 on BASE
Possible win: € 2552.6
Quote meNtal(nerd)

4v7 np for xAe!!!!!!!!
gl xAee & phyZIC
Edit Line Up : Killerboy (MG)
lold gl !
gl xAe
gl with it
bcw = etBot tutorial
Killerboy = How to start ET for beginners
said the guy getting players from the CB Banlist :PpppPpPPp
You have € 20981 on eu brw Cancel bet
Possible win: € 27485.11

i will rock your asses !
You have € 268 on eu BASE Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1543.68
if raul plays panzer izi bash for #baserace :D
You have € 20 on eu BASE Cancel bet
Possible win: € 119.4
why? :(
[22:54:36] [mental] lineup: mental, stRay, Eriiic, boNg, phyZic, heya, Hugo, kutSch, xAeee, monkey

not playing that scum
lal :D
XDDDD noob , you'll loose that's why u are so scared :D
only 3 cheaters, whats your prob?
yea put everyone in bold
freeze would iziz bash them alone^^
no stray freeze is clean, and we are cheating!
no you are a nerd,but these people are cheating Eriiic, boNg, phyZic, heya, Hugo, kutSch, xAeee, monkey
thats what i heard so far
xAe is the only one who's clean in that list
nearly, imo its: mental, stRay, Eriiic, boNg, phyZic, heya, Hugo, kutSch, xAeee, monkey
kutsch heya und hugo waren die einzigen
The first match which would be worth to spec, and they are scared
bets cancelled why?
Killerboy is scared
Killerboy is scared
Killerboy is scared
Killerboy is scared
Killerboy is scared
Killerboy is scared
killerboy is naked
probably - Killerboy is scared
Killerboy was banned

[00:16] <[CB]Killerboy> You are on the banned list.
[00:16] <suVi`> yes u are getting unabnned
Killerboy is scared
Killerboy is scared
ok we concluded their bots can't hit ee frEEze's hitboxes for some reason
that was the old version, v2.6 . But somehow they cracked the etbot v3.0 . dno , fuckedup shit :S
OK LET S PALAY !!!! :) thx finally ...
Gl xAeee own les tous :D et laisse killerboy refaire une movie de toi ;P
if you said something against me:

fdp + tg
aha :D np
oh... You dont seem so sure of yourself @ CiC7
"you were not so arrogant @ cic7"
internet = serious business
he was, almost every1 was willing to back him up. Nerd
How can u say nerd to him? You are the nerd here... Not only going to LANs you are a midget aswell.
hf mental :3

stray nennt andere nolifer :3 ironie neger ironie
finally someone noticed :DDDDDDDD
needs more wodka
someone take the trash out
only need azur and bcw lu is complete :)=
no darkrider no win
de stray Saturday, 27th March 2010 11:03
macht er nich tvertrau mir .. die jungz sind freitags & smastag nachts immer on :)

Hi Stray...Was gegen Leute die um 18 Uhr zocken haben, aber selbst Nachts zocken. (:
du bist ja auch noch on
1. ich bin nicht noch on...ich bin wieder on...

2. bin ich DIR gerade DIR dem Mental keine Rechenschaft oder sowas schuldig...

3. Habe ich nicht so wie stray geflamed ja nolifer oha und so die zocken jedes we den ganzen abend blabla...

du weist nit was hier gestern abging .. das ist der frund warum ich die nächsten wochenenden die zeit zu hause verbringen werde^^
Hast du dich von 10 niggern in den Arsch rapen lassen (kachelmann style ) und kannst deswegen jetz nicht mehr raus oder was ?
disco hat schon die 14 jaehrigen raus geschmissen?
na dann sag nix über adnere (:
fresse spastie
was willst du cheater jetzt haha? :D
fresse hurensohn
oh predi du 13 jähriges kind ist ok :>
wp hackers :))))
nice acting like retards :_D
killerboy thats not cute :<
izi bash

good try anyway ! Now you can continue bashing low :)

You have € 212 on brw
You won € 349.8

ofc man gtv too?

can u sent me log?
where i find it
killerboy read the rules on gtv man -..

u arent allwoed to cancel a match after it got played and so on!
[01:12:03] [suVi`] cheated + used 3 mercs in same game + left server
[01:12:05] [suVi`] enter 1-0 or cancel

+ when the server kicked me loazis + xeoxis it fucked us up, 0 xp, lost all adrenaline
oki u allways chanbged the time used the gravity bug and so on ... is suvi gtv admin? NO he isnt have a nice evening :) <3
[01:17:08] [suVi`] cancel it [CB]Killerboy
[01:19:01] [suVi`] [CB]Killerboy
[01:19:02] [suVi`] cancel it

where are gtv rules btw? and link?

just search it too lazy now^^
you lost @ start already by playing with cheaters, everything else was fooling around :D
me as a very old skooooooooler decided that freeze cheated so cheater in both teams = win for bcw
so who is mumu, haven't seen someone so obvious in quite some time
kutSch or smth like that ^^
btw kutsch his old name was dudi and he was for a few months low :D

magic skillboooooooooooooooooost :D
so wie du immer noch low bist seit du angefangen hast :P
predi kannst dich noch an das war bio,sunny,ich gegen daenji,maurice & dich errinnern? :DDD

glaube mehr muss ich nicht sagen h3h3...ich low > du low-
lol it was very easy, i could of even stay in spawn, keep on downloading lost, eating pizza and flaming on them :o) gg lowbobs and nonames
too bad, forfeit win ::::::::::::::::OPD
was funney :) have a nice night <3
2 bad i rolled you fags in a serious 10on10 baserace
You have € 1000 on eu BASE
You lost

last money, fuck off really
Ahaha rolled :DDD :ppp
haha :-D
lmfao suVi got rolled
cant be, Ati_ delivered, and they even egoquitted
Seems like my plan to sponsor 10 guys with etbots so they could beat suvi's team failed.

Next time I'll try myself to roll them on nopb servers.
stop changing the score back, the MUMMUMUMUMU guy was cheating, ask boNg.
boNg can talk alot
seriously, watch the replay, so obvious :D
bong anyway cheating too.

srsly nerd
Don't think the match should be canclled if the admin loses, but indeed, looking at bcw's lineup makes me sick
You guys can stop this bullshit now or this will be the last broadcasted baserace match on gtv ever.
Buhahaha nerds' pwned, end of their "awesome" streak :D.
guess again
cry cry cry me a river

nice making yourself look stupid once again
cry cry cry, end of spreeeeeeeeeeeeeee