All Friends Online vs Vital-Gaming (3517 views)

nl NoName
nl Jrdi
nl Finished
nl rAnja
nl FxFree
nl Pingu
be yAnnick
be Alm0st
hu cartmaN
pl prism
fi riZla
nl N1ck
First week - #easy.cup


07.04.10 19:30 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Easy Company Cup IV 5v5
Hosting: Easy Company Cup
Manager: NoNamee (Requestee)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 4079
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 22


1st !!!!!!
omg Alm0$t omg!!!

hoi :$
prism will deliver
kruip dr nog verder in omfg!
tot aan zijn oksel :)
Dikke pannekoek, prism = instant win !
En dat heeft niets met kruipen te maken. :D
lets own them finished my m8 :D
i thought NoName is banned :S
lol, why would I be banned? :S
dunno, lots of aFo got banned.. ah btw I meant that other guy, dunno his name atm :(
e: wierdo, exile and CreAte were already busted, but i think it was CreAte :D
Gl sKILVA, Alm0st ;DD
gl vital, gl riZla
sKILVA low
gl carty almost
prism = instawin
why are you playing with these retards riZla? o0
Not allowed? :P
Well they arent retards tbh maybe to skilless for you ( I doubt that) but they are friendly, funny people:>
idc, vital is retards-united. you don't know anything about me so don't embarrass yourself.
You dont even know me so why saying we are ratard unit ;d
not you specifically, i dunno you but in the past 2/3 months there were MANY retards in vital : ))
look at yourself thx :)
skilva sukct
echt hé, zo'n kk ego

EDIT: this SUCKT btw :D
helemaal mee eens
jonge almost zat op teamviewer... en ik deed irritant daardoor de typfout ,,
sukkel xd
Dankje voor de Good luck btw! xD
GL met mij te healen :o)
gl aFo :P
:DD :pp
You have € 100 on aFo
Possible win: € 679

GL AFO!! win ff voor me
we zullen ons best doen :p
Haha dat is skilva x]
Gl Skilva :))) No gl for Almost;p
haha polak dick talker, remember my quote! :D
Grr you dont love me anymore :<
Thanks hun
izi bash for vital
GL riZla
prism <3
have luck and good fun monkeyboys!!

You have € 30 on aFo
Possible win: € 315.3
gl afo! where is zordak?!?!: D
vital zoiezo. aFo = low
Hf &gl
je moer.
LU :
gl noname
faal @ bremen b3
all on vital ;p
skilva and prism will deliver! :=)
You have € 100 on aFo
You lost

gg ;§
jammer jongens
:D gg
wp guys :( next time better(other maps:P)
volgende keer maar eens bremen gaan oefenen. :\ EN GEDOWNLOAD HEBBEN :/
ik zei UT toch.