OVERLOAd vs SPEEDLINK (11192 views)

be vila
be zeto
be mAus
be lio
be chry
de kReSti
de Bl4d3
de duKe_
29.04.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: vila (Requestee)
Maps: Supply
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Total Pot: € 64936
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Radio Commentary
xx #CubeCast Cast server 8
By: galiathus
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Language: German

Total Slots: 200
Listener Peak: 10

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 285


gl sl
easy 4 SL
easy for stownage
easy ovr.
Quote by KillerboyGroup of death?

Quote by SampleGroup of death: C.
Ovr is the weakest one imo, only maus carrying

Well see guys.
o please. sample is the weakest in ec.
mAus vs Bl4d3
Brain vs No Brain you mean?
Yesterday i beat mAus cuz he dont think?
Gl ovr, easy bash
GL both teams, should be a good game :)
gl sl
Bl4d3 is nothing compared to mAus :D:D
gl hf ovr :)
mAus is clearly the best ETTV player at the moment.
more like best aimer, not player.. there is a difference
yes the difference is usually 1 or 2k more dmg than everyone else
Disagree. His job is to aim better than the others at strategic places. He's doing it so well.
thats everyones job.......it just happens for him to be better than the rest
Night is not an epic aimer but everyone consider him as one of the best player... Doing many damage isn't everyone's job.
not an epic aimer but plays 95% of the matches as rifle and usually gives a lot of dmg also.....but thats not even the point as u could certainly see by todays match......
gL my lio.

GL vila & zeto.
gl whole speedlink <3
gl overload & kReSti :D
hopefully he do it in the offi also :D:D:D running around the spawn building on suppy xD

EDiT: axis spawn building @ back
he is slow how you saw xD
hes just too slow.. there is a hidden wall & this closes every 30 seconds when i passes the start
izi 4 Maus :>.
<3 Stownage !
izi voor cherry !!!
GL@HF Maus
hf lio maus! en vila niet te veel whinen he! gL!
o come on mAus
gl lio, chry and Dukenator
would be intresting fight between mAus & bl4d3 :D
gl krestim8 :)
Glhf vila & lio !
GL vila, lio <3
gl duke!
lio !
lol zeto je moet weer rondjes gaan rennen voor porno , doe je goed jonge xD
gl simone!
much <3 to BL4D3!
gl DS|duKe
You have € 594 on SL
Possible win: € 2405.7

Dont let me down Stefan an Kresti <3
gluck dukester :)
Bl4d3's mAus > mAus' mAus

*auch euch gl SL :D
to izi for Duisburg Bl4d3 :)
gl <3 duke
gl lio, duKe!
gl chry & SL
gl ovr
ugly tag for OVERLOAd
gl blade and kresti<3
2:0 speedlink, great off both side
wtf bitte sprech nie wieder FLOP JEHZ aus @ shoutcaster
Listener Peak: 10
hätte ich mal casten sollen :<
warum hast du nicht gemacht? :(
schade :(
shit makes me sad :<
great match sometimes lose sometimes win but not for ovr load they win most time :)
yes ovr is very great team they win lot of matches :)
wp :)
wp bl4d3