target-zeroE vs increased (5909 views)

no dOMI
de rAKJI
nl 7ele
nl Woody
gb hvk
be POEPj
de sabio
nl Leonneke
be Fab
jp Kirark
fi nixuu
Clanbase 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2010
Premier League Group B
05.05.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2010
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: rAKJI (Requestee)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 12888
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 14


be careful Zodiac, hvk is asking for demos :-(
I'll give him link to On Demand!
Don't worry about it he's just bitter
gl nixuu <3
gl jochies
gl woody
Easy for increased, all my money on them!
np4 increased
Hoezo geen Domi + Metsuri?
wij zijn low! :o

oh domi's vriendin is ongesteld en metsuri was slechts backup
ok veel succes dan ^^ vooral Domi xD
LOL :D @ Woensdag was ik op kamp :XD
inc lineup

gb hvk
be Fab
be POEPj
de sabio
nl Leonneke

fi nixuu
jp Kirark
ha den dieje me zijne vuile vinger :'> gl é
tu me decois nakata, gl inc
gl&hf both :)
gl both :)
eheh :D
reply mec reply !
get online , we need u ! :-D
gl nak
gl hvk!!!!!<333 and gl fab :>
gl woodie
gl target
gl 7ele & domi
wildcard used by increased
Wildcard after Wildcard :D
No idea why we agreed to play on Sunday. Oh well, no way for either of us to reschedule now.
gl Woodzor!

lanina´firE: lern englsih stpid cnut!
firE: lol jason tinks he good speaking engrisch but no is not good, understand oi mean?
GL acsi <3
easy target!
gl hvk
gl target, show hvk that his hax are easy to beat by skill
gl rakji
shud be an interesting match, 2 close 2 call
GL 7ele
gl rakji !!
gl Zodiac busted player
gl domi woody zodiac rakji and zeh rest :D
Expecting 4-2 for target

gl guys <3
GL target (+)
You have € 120 on target
Possible win: € 222
We haven't pracced for weeks, and always lose on supply.. Why are people betting on us?
domi fucking up bets :<
gl rakji
hf @ all
Ez Domi ;D
5 zodiacs vs increased.
gl zodi<3
gl woody and rakji
GL TARGET ! !! ! !:*:*:*
gl rakjiii
rakji stinkt
wp target!
ggs, ty 4 game
You have € 50 on gb inc/
You lost

Thats what you getting when you are betting against me.
domi @ the odds man :>
Yeah, won't repeat that.
wp target <3
wp poepj, shame about pb though.
Altijd leuk he als je voor Supply depot gate staat en er komen gewoon hoofdjes rond je aim lopen :P! wp poener
hahahaha ja maar je hebt dan van die idioten die dan moeite gaan doen om op hun hoofd te aimen.. bij mij gaat dat gewoon lekker automatisch :o :>
Ja was op zich best een handige situatie :P!
You have € 499 on target
You won € 1067.86
wp woody :)
You have € 100 on de target
You won € 214

You have € 50 on de target
You won € 107
danke fürn shout out <3
You have € 130 on de target
You won € 278.2