shidima #sGp vs inteRaction (5110 views)

gr Play-mAus
ro FaKy
nl morda
de psystic
at Don-Matias
cz Denton
cz Charlie
cz rifleman
cz Green_Clon
cz milhAus
Fourth week - #easy.cup


03.05.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Easy Company Cup IV 5v5
Hosting: Easy Company Cup
Manager: Masterseries (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Bremen_b3
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Total Pot: € 11992
The bets are closed.

Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 21


gl charlie and milhaus <3
GL iR !!!
gl charliee,milhAus,green_clon!
hf don matias
- cz derek
+cz rifleman
gl iR<3
nP for inteRaction ;-)
no hyper no win
no rAzer no win
- cz rifleman
+cz Hyper
Gl iR, gogo milhAus & charlie best eng of the world :(
izi bash 4 sgp

gl sgp!!!! <333

gl inF.X2 gaming & charlie !!!
np 4 interaction
gl don & lettu <3
izi for iR , hf
doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon will rape, gl mate!

gl charliegod! :p
i think i will get raped but thx :)))
i think i will get raped but thx :)))
gl donito and palymate <3
izi 4 sgp:) gl playmate
ro cocktail Sunday, 2nd May 2010 23:49
no rAzer no win
:))))))))))))))))))))))))))) xDxDxDxD:) ;) =))
GL playmate<3
GL mott4 <3
GL Playmate, Mott4, FaKy <3
gl Don
GL iR;)
Kuci z iR kdybyste meli bobky a chteli nejaky nenapadny haxiky staci rict :) kazdopadne gl :D
vsechny potrebne utility zajistuji ja,takze dekuji za nabidku, ale jiz vse v teamu mame ;-P
jsi zkurvenej sobec protoze jsi mi nic neposlal a frager o tom jen mluvi cchi dukaz z PBBANs:-D :-D
pff,dukaz o funkcnosti haxu je ten ze na pbbans nic nemam :D
a posilat ti neco? to uz bych nebyl ten nejlepsi ja,na to ti kaslu XD
maaaaaaaaackooooooooooo diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiikes:-D
karliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiicku tak to pekne vyndej :D a neboj kdyztak jakoze spadne server kdyby se vam nedarilo
gl iR
izi for shidima :XD
i think charlie isnt skilled enought... team wopper would destroy him 4-0 :<
*enough (-t)
and well.. he plays good
well, he fails a lot !
charlieee is low+ MAX always FAIL
You have € 10 on #sGp
Possible win: € 37.2

gl motta & playmate <3
gl charliee, hf green clon !
gl don!!!!!!!!!!!
gl hf IR especially Green_Clon pwner :-)
gl hf DonMatthias
thanks not-rifle-anymore-:( bro :P
nu rifle skillaz comin' :-)
when I heard you are not gonna play rifle in eb I was sadpanda :o
maybe my rifletime in eb will come soon :-D
good,good.. deyw wont play it anymore?
M@rt@n is usual rifle, he plays it good but sometimes he don't enjoy it. Deyw gives too much TKs and plays rifle like SMG :-D
So when M@rt@n will be upset of rifle, I will be the alternative
well,I still think you should be the rifle,cuz you used to be good + martan is better with smg than with rifle..
deyw.. he havent played rifle long time, so its "ok" he wasnt that good, maybe he would just need a little bit more training and it would be ok :)
Gl donnie and charlizard <3
[18:37:05] <@dEVINE`esSe> why dont i get gl for tonight from u guys?:(
[18:37:23] <@dEVINE`esSe> revenge!
[18:37:26] <@dEVINE`esSe>
[18:37:27] <@dEVINE`esSe> revenge!

[18:43:36] <@dEVINE`esSe> says someone with pokemon name, stupid charlizard

MOAR kids to :-D moar gl
and i forgot, gl hf Charliee, and remember eight headshots don't mean kill :-D
rofl rofl rofl haha haha SUPER i almost forget this SUPER STORY!!!!
izi bash Green_Clon :)
hf charlie, playmate and faky :)
wypieradalaj z mojej thx
more thanks retards :D
gl Green_Clon (:
der HoN don :D

ich hoffe ihr macht mich reich :)
shoutouts vom et leaver :D
<3 playmate
<3 faky
<3 psi
<3 don :)
thx <3
er lebt :D danke <3
:D nur manchmal wenn ich nicht zuviel getrunken hab :D:D:D
gl sgp
gl iR <3
charlie gl !!
gl don and charlie :)
gl mates of neo!
wp iR
omfg mott4 je stelt me echt teleur
gaat die beetje mongool tegen me zeggen
en dan verliezen echt hoor ben jij xD
gg wp
low vs low
hyper = insta win!