OVERLOAd vs vibe (10353 views)

be mesq
be dAv1d
be mAus
be lio
be chry
ru jago
de bong
de carlito
ru joke
fi shitty
01.06.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: ESL Major Series VI Group Stage
Hosting: Electronic Sports League
Manager: FoaMeA (Leagueadmin)
Maps: Adlernest
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Total Pot: € 19292
The bets are closed.

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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 277


OMG gl and hf OMG
gl both ;D

gL chry dikke :P
omg mesq omg mesq omg nice to see ya back :P

gl & hf

e.kick zeto this fuck shitface aswell and take istead of him an oldschool boy...
gibt noch mehr :)
zeto ist jetzt nicht gerade das, was man einen Newschooler nennen kann ;o)
und trotzdem ist er ein nerd gibt viel bessere die früher gespielt haben zb. mesq :P (aber das müsstest du warscheinlich noch besser wissen als ich)
vila is just a fucking nerd

e.mesq ftw
izi ovr
someone is missed > : O
epic fail villa.
overload keep pwning! gl lio
this match look so intresting !, i hope win OVERLOAd
gl bongm8 and overload
need wiesiek's "Hi vila !"
this match look so intresting !, i hope win OVERLOAd
copy and pasted ¬¬
copy and pasted ¬¬
copy and pasted ¬¬
copy and pasted ¬¬
copy and pasted ¬¬
copy and pasted ¬¬
copy and pasted ¬¬
gogo vibe :)
somebody can give me the ip to see this match?
where is vila....

oh wait
where is Talon....

oh wait
stfu iceq
ill fuck u up
And where is Vila ? lol
gl carlito & bong <333333333333
omg mesq david lio & maus ! omg
i waiting tha ip and pass.... WTF give me that shit to msn pls
oajsojasojsa only wait dude! =)
imo overload will lose
asshole ! jejejejej XD
easy for ovr
mesq = vila?? bets??
There's no way they'll get away with that, KB will check logs. So 10.000 SEK on mesq = mesq.

What are the rates?
actually you are the first to bet, but as you know I am the bank and have to take 10%, and therefore you will only have to send me 1000 SEK since I did not receive your money yet :-)
i bet mesq=slajdan
People don't seem to trust you, I wonder why!
nP 4 bong & jago !
no vila no win
omg dAv1d omg
dAv1d FTW!!!!
Good luck bong and dAv1d :).
2-2 decider: gold
np4bong : D
mesq needs to adjust some settings
gg wp
xD vibe are pretty bad
but u r good :P
just because you won against us for the very first time u think that u r better?:DD we played with dunz and it was more like a warmup
blablabla 4-0 really izi
i didnt play monkeym8 so it was easy for you :PPp
yea, bet they missed ure 2300 dmg
because dmg matters.. oh wait 8D
they all say that when it happens
What happens?
lowest dmg, ure starting to look like mental like this
I usually have lowest damage, it happens often :)
u know that uve always lost against us and now u are happy that you pwned us :PP
played twice, won twice, now shut up
twice? did u dream or smth?:D well this is useless anyway, in an official we would win 4:0
u would propably call me a cheater again and rage like you always do
you call that rage? ok :P
if yesterday during the match it wasnt rage , rofl
forget this retard, he's trolling. he rages all the time
only against obvious cheaters :PP
your teammates? dunno why you would do that but ok..
gg wp
mesq you're fking unbrained! die in a carfire!
4-2 vibe
heard maus was gonna reconstruct ur faces at lan
omg i saw just 3 hackerz!
omg boNg, omg boNg, omg boNg
colt 45, now ovr.. :D nice game.
fail :<
You have € 250 on be ovr
You lost

oh cmon wtf? :<
no hackers no win
mesq for vila please!!
You have € 20 on vibe
You won € 298.8
expected, You won € 1299.78
bong regelt
You have € 100 on eu vibe
You won € 1494
shitty rolling nerds since roYality.
You have € 196 on vibe
You won € 2928.24

WP my lovees :-)
pfffff blame for overload...

You have € 100 on vibe
You won € 1494
not really fair for the people who better =D
You have € 150 on vibe
You won € 2241

btw: why left zeto?
got kicked cause of supporting cheaters + being obvious
didn't cheat once since Killerboy unbanned me, so thanks for the compliment mate, appreciate it :DD

You have € 205 on eu vibe
You won € 3062.7

<o/ \o>
nah u just cheated 1 week before he unbanned you.

i got proofs that u cheated like a month ago, disconnecting on a PB config vote was nice too

but i deleted it since ur a gayfuck
No, you deleted it because you are a dumb motherfucker, and prolly because you just didn't have any.
mAus ego quit niceeeeeeeeee
You have € 1500 on ovr
You lost

omg stupid losers
bong did it, wonder why!?!