Impact Gaming vs SPEEDLINK (13797 views)

09.06.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET Eurocup XXI » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Adacore (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 101241
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 288


1st gl sqzz
2nd gl sqzz :D
gL kReSti<3
will be easy for Impact though =(
and again new lineup...
gl flop & krest :*
wtf is with impact new rooster every week or something. wheres wing and snoop and mystic and sheep?
snoop left cuz gifty didn't play or something, mystic has work, wing didn't fit in the team and sheep was expired.
Genuinely made me laugh out loud at work :p

EDIT: Maybe he was trying to imply that Meez or hayaa is a cock? Can't argue with that...
why me? ati loves me obviously
You're hated in Ecuador.
wow in Ecuador, thats something man...
This is the lineup for AEF, so some offi's to play first =)
Gl Impact <3.
gl sqzz and hayaa :D
gl sqzzlaa
hf sqzz&duke ;]
viel glück tim ;)
lol new lineup again? what a noobs
lol new lineup again? what a noobs
You have € 64 on de SL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 140.16

macht mich nicht arm :(
gl hayaa, sqzz
Available Adacore (but rather not)

Hard to tell which team will take the victory. Speedlink is disciplined but thus they are calculable what moves they are gonna do. So if Impact can bring some teamplay it will be a tight game. Unexpected moments will decide the map stages in my opinion. Good luck both!

ps: somehow I feel Impact lack of a teamleader like Clown. We should ask hayaa about that because he just left rockit few days ago.
Hehe - I thought that would be amusing when I set it! Didn't honestly expect anyone to notice though :D
hes a awsome ingame leader true
GL hayaa
rockstar, who's gonna win in yo opinion ?

GL both.
gutes glück flopje, duke und geschwindigkeitsverbindung!
no mystic no win...
the impact lineup changes are the worst ever (not that the lineups are bad) and the overall team switching thats going on is just way beyond retarded, gl SL tho, have my money on you
would be nice if impact get's a guy with fops as main class :D
true mate, unfortunatelly nl PHOTOSYNTHESIS is still CB banned :(
izi bash for speedlink ;)
You have € 15 on SL
Possible win: € 114.3

gl both :p
more teamplay and impact look good with this lup hf r0ss
hf blade
GL sqzz and hayaa :)
its obvious .. Sqzz will sqzz them all :D
all on u Bl4d3 !: D gl mate
You have € 250 on de SL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1337.5
sqzz will rage their asses off, but it won't be enough for impact :(
money on zeh germans
someone is gonna loose some moneyyyyy!! =))
gl SL
gl impactees
Shoutcast by KOKIA !

GL Man =]
kokia tylko gawari pa Polski
You have € 82 on de SL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 413.28

i know i'll regret it :D all in!!
Hoop dat je deze game pakt Jay, ook al gun ik het Speedlink. Succes met je nieuwe team!
omg sqzz omg
good luck stownage <3
GL hayaa meez & duke! Cu @ LANZ lulz
gl SL :)

In germans we trust !

You have € 10 on de SL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 49.7
You have € 1000 on de SL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 4860

hf sqzz :}
kresti & stowni <33
ROFL!!! How can a team that has lost 4/5 games up to this point be favourites?

You have € 25 on SL
Possible win: € 114

Thank you please.
coz it's a different lineup to the one(s) that got demolished?;d
and is this impact doing good in pracs?
GL awesome- !
gl SL ! :)
gl&hf jungs
meine hater :)
+ blade zerstöre sie

gl sqzz & meez <3
gl SL <333 + awesome @ sqzz
gl duke
no Winghaven - no win, eVo is a retard.
will be nice game, gl both!
gl speedlink hope u win

<3 krest stownage flop blade
easy for bl4d3

easy for sl
gl SL
gl Duke =)
gl meez
gl stownage
gl R0SS
gl hayaaa clan hopper
You call him Clanhopper coz he wants to play Lan with Impact instead of playing online only with rockit?
srsly get brain
gl XyLoS
izi for impact
gl to both teams
You have € 2000 on de SL Cancel bet
Possible win: € 7320

gl speedlink
gl kresti ;d
hayaa & sqzz gno roll, other impact is just awesome ! ;D,+ speedlick is tuff enemy !!!
Greetings from Fred. Izibash for Speedlink !
gl sqzz
Radio Commentary
Language: polish

thats what we need... :/
c'mon inpact its time to show somthing now lad's
Ptaszki spiewają Kokia kometuje świetny dzien :)
gl bL4d3 ;)
Bl4d3 is rolling hard :o
nie jestem w stanie skonczyc komentowac, mam problemy z komputerem, przepraszam :<
duke: we are pretty confident to take a 4:2 victory in this match.

almost too LOL
bl4d3 didnt know the spawntime until the end of supply eventho he was revived as panzer -> stupid
flopje is the worst player ive ever seen :D sl was playing 5v4 at goldrush
wp speedlink, top 10 team :P
u and kresti played well!
nicken... lächeln... und "ARSCHLOCH" denken :D
ur anyway low pluz max izi :P
if im low+ then u r pokemon bulbusaur-
wp Bl4d3
gg :D
was right with my bet =)
You have € 951 on Impact
You won € 1388.46
wp Impact! :)
Ross "gl in rest of ec and ems"

that was harsh!
why is a friendly comment wishing them luck in ec and ems harsh?
because they dont play ems?
Man now that was harsh! Shame on you, Ross!
ah i didnt know that, well i meant esl anyway.
i don't blame him, nobody follows ems anyway.
this is proper harsh. :>
EMS > EC tbh
that's why nobody cares about it, i bet everybody knows the 2 finalist in the last 2 ECs but 90% won't remember the 2 finalists in last 2 EMS
not really
tell me who the 2 EMS finalists where in the last 2 EMS's, try not to take more than 5 minutes searching. (If you actually manage to work around the site ":D")
The site is quite fine tbh.
EMS: I know it was nOu vs dickheads and masculine mans vs some other team :D
EC: both time masculine mans, dunno the opponents
mASCULINE_mANS, at that time being a squad of Afterlife, lost to H2K : - )
couldnt care less :p
that was last year, ems > ec now...
I'm not hatin' but I agree with you gary m8
i think i was one of them but i honestly can't remember, all i know is they owe me some money
at least in ems we get proper brackets =D
sad but true
'proper brackets'
you have the easiest bracket in EC while teams who won over 9000 times against you have a lot harder brackets... in ems however you won't even pass the group :ppPpPp
overload & idle in our bracket very easy :P
that's after you are top8, not before :P
no :P, if we beat dream we play overload alrdy.
overload & idle noobs :PPP
I got no fucking clue on earth who played in finals last 2 EC's. doesnt deserve even a point in my memory...but I know where to look and find out though. Wouldnt have a clue how to look in ESL.
finally a decent game by impact, still huge work to do for the top but on a good way


und gut gekämpft SL
nächste ma gewinnt SL!
well played impact ,hope it was ur first and not last won with that linup
You have € 284 on de SL
You lost
You have € 951 on Impact
You won € 1388.46
hayaad ?
hope this is 'the' lu for impact, they played pretty good.

Nice fight from sL though, gg