imposito vs team overplay (3075 views)

nl rezta
nl zenix
nl creaji
nl xeoxis
nl bizzy
pl boobje
pl dyru
pl dzordzo
pl cisy
pl szczurek
pl mXm
06.06.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: zenix (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 4941
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 4


tba = are backups/inactive players. I doubt we can give a good game.
Because overplay couldnt play any day of the week except sunday. So they just kept on counter challenging so match got forced.
I hope we will be able to communicate with them because when i tried to talk to them to arrange the match i couldnt figure out if they where able to understand English.

at first its fROGS OF WAR now
who did u talk with?Im sure any of our players do speak english (maybe dzordzo not :P) but still u could pmme other person
Same team, so it doesnt matter.
I talked your clanleader boobje and dzordzo. I am allway trying to get in touch with opponent and arrange a date with them so both can play. Because we are sportive and dont want forfeit wins/losses. We could play all days except sunday. Even the supervisor said you guys abused the challenging system by countering everytime to same date and time ( dzordzo did that ). Sadly he also said they cant do anything about it because the match was allready forced.
da heb je met die kutpolen he?:D
me & Sup3r are avi if you need us :) we've been praccing on public servers all day long

we are ready
i would like to play with you AL1 ofc, sadly EC players cant play OC :D
gl szczurek :)
pl B4l4b4nko?!

good luck! :)
hopefully we have a team;o
and if we have its going to be a bad performance by us imo since we need to play with 2 random/backup players
if Bl4nko plays you will win anyway!
gl edro en crea

misschien ken ik nog el :))
thx, maar we hebben er nu al eentje :)
gl overplay, stawiam na was kase;]
wel winnen he rezta
we gaan ervoor jullie ook he ;)
sprobujcie to przegrac to wam lby zetne :D!
mowilem ze jak blanko zagra to przegraja!
thx for game polaks + bizzy!
bizzy one man army
not allowed do gry byl ;]
i moje pytanie, chcecie grac z nimi czy z nami? :D
z tego co ogladalem to stoicie na identycznym poziomie praktycznie, chociaz Wy duzo glupich bledow popelniliscie, ktore z drugiej strony powinny sie przydarzyc przeciwnikom bo oni grali mixem chyba

i blame blanko ;D i my tez mixem gralismy! od lana z chlopakami nie gralem :(
ale na pytanie nie odpowiedziales xD
obojetnie :) zrobcie jak uwazacie ;d
Podjelismy decyzje!
Doszlismy do wniosku ze nie ma sensu mixowac w oc, bo nie jest to pierwszy mecz ktory powinnismy wygrac 4:0 ;p
Tak wiec na 99% zagracie z holendrami, a overplay'e ( aka zabki ) sobie potrenuja juz w pelnym skladzie z cisym na czele :)
Tylko umawiamy sie ze ich zbijecie za nas w nastepnej rundzie ;d!
You have € 220 on oY
You lost :-[