Team-Rockit.RtCW vs KiH (11251 views)

gb sharky
gb chrns
gb conker
gb crmbs
nl juncie
gb MerlinatoR
se feTTe
se zerom
se malmen
se ozzy
se smutzig
be syL
Winners Bracket Final

delayed until after the World Cup due to scheduling issues
25.02.10 21:00 CET
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Game: rtcw Return To Castle Wolfenstein
League: RtCW-Cup 4
Hosting: Self Organised
Manager: MerlinatoR (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced

Total Pot: € 21191
The bets have been cancelled.

Broadcasted by

Return To Castle Wolfenstein TV
gb WTV-eZbash cup
By: MerlinatoR (none)

Total Slots: 25
Viewer Peak: 2


unconfirmed lineups ;)
i got a boner...
<3 KiH style :) izi 4 KiH
lycka till!
easybash for rockit.

svensk noobs!!!11 mr43 = PF !!!1111111
ozzy!! gl
FeTTe + ozzy + zenom

easy win


thx for editing my comment ! :@
gonna be epic!!!

gl hf both! :)
kih will win the tourney!
when was the last time 118 got beaten? ._.
118 never lost, so far rockit hasnt either - all our games (except maybe one or two) have been close with KiH, so should be a nice game to watch + play.
why do you consider yourself a new team upon renaming/changing mgc? oO
so we are still affray?

good one :D
and kih aren't kih anymore?
we have 4 players that played for WTF gaming in 2004, I guess we are still them too? ... :D approach changes with every team we arent the same team as wtf, affray, onesoldier or 118 :) even if we have some of the same players from those teams ... for instance if Zaf had brought back the old 4Kings lineup it would have been the same players... but not the same team.

hehe ya's could be the old UDS team also haha :)
what twister said
Core lineup -

06/06/06 vs svper frogs 3-1 ownitsch cup final
I haven't got RTCW on this computer, so saaaaaaaaaaad :'(
come vent, i'll cast it 4 u np :)))
No Sipperi no win
GL its gonna be epic :D<3

Except Juncie Team UK online ^^
juncie has an english grandparent
YOU shouldnt joke about something like this.
lycka till
gl conker
gl syl, nice dude!
play or bye :o)))
is smutz nerd still around?
as if they will play :)
if it doesnt get played I cant see this game being played for quite a while - as sunday was the last day scheduled for RtCW-Cup and people had already sorted studd like work and WC fever goings on for afterwards.
KiH have the best rtcw fragmovie ever. If you havent seen it, go watch it!

Gl guys <3
dead game
there aren't even any 'alive' games that u are good at 8D

nice lineups :D
wowwwwww nais linups :oo
gonna be epic, my money is on kih this time!
money on Rockit !
how can you post a comment?
who's cam-man ?
18th July? Seriously? :D
"delayed until after the World Cup due to scheduling issues "

this s a fucking or by ;)
any way to watch without having rtcw installed?
only if some1 does a video cast or smth .. which i highly doubt.
There's always teamviewer :P
shud be able to watch it without a valid key, not 100% sure though
indeed, can download the RtCW 1.4 pack from crossfire and watch WTV without a valid key without any problems :)
izi rockit hf junky mate ;**
againnnnnn x_X jaja pls KiH. change the History You CAN DO IT!
December 25th? lol…
just a fake date until the both teams are fully available
KiH, 'assault rush' if u play that map ok? :D
when is this gonna be played
gl syl
gl merlinator;f
6o6 format?????

League: RtCW-Cup 4
It's the format which created what ET + RTCW the games they are today.
Thanks for learn me... --"""""""
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
gl MarlinatoR!
sharky & crumbs will take it.
hahahahaha was sure this cup was strict to the schedule
gl smutzig & ozzy!
gl rockit
KiH unwilling to play, so the game has been cancelled.

ggs all, was fun