Australia vs Team Europe (13374 views)

au iceman34
au riCo
au HM
au shaggy
au haste
au forty
au ike
de urtier
ee Night
pl kot
cz marv
nl teKoa
de butchji
07.01.07 14:00 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: Special Event
Manager: Dersaidin (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Slots: 1,100
Listener Peak: unknown

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easy for europe imo
GO FORTY!!!!!!!!!!
huh austalia? team-koala?
lineups pls :D
australia will win! big ping = pwnage!!!111
maybe they will be playing on australian severs :>>
maybe even on korean server!
All should have similar pings! i think Europe 150-200 (maybe extra for some, ie. Night) and all Australia 200ish except iceman34 who will have 240
well find some server which will allow both teams to have same pings xD
or use 2 servers, one in australia, one in europe, i'm so smart right?
a west us server. both 250 :>
line up?
gogo aus!
more idle plz :)
i was hoping that you willplay :(
so aussies will take it :S
omg kot & marv
omg ofk kot! marv - I do not know.
Woo Aus
hmm tekoa?
marv FTW
pussycat :)
kot is the best in Team Europe
Lol hes the most sucky of the europe team
take a look on damages given after each round ends
and mr wildcat know what hes talking bout, check his gbooky :o
yea its proof hes not skilled ingame ;[
GBooky Capital: 263539 - hax!!!!!11111oneone
urtier > all
marv > rest of Europe > Australia ;]
teKoa and Butchjii can take the 6 of Australia
thats not even a lie
LOlldollOLloloOlloLdoolOlldolllOLllOLl. True.

btwwww why not europe vs world?:(
coz chuck norris is busy
oh yes i forgot about that!!

thx for ur help!88!8!8888!!!!81118818188&!!8!!
lol shpek
Team Europe > all
k, but which srv? oO in europe?
lol @ odds
Australia - 1.32 vs 4.14 - Team Europe
it all depends on the server they will play on :]
Australia 1.32 vs 4.08 Team Europe

..... very lol
i will watch ettv on sunday at 14cet, instead of sleeping.
no, you will play dota with hanfi and me
M<3A<3R<3V<3 gogo :)

and lol @ odds, ofc :))
What is teKoa doing in this team? He quitted right?
Just saw him on pub :U
Is it some kind of joke? :o
3-1 for at
bet all on australia they will win!!!
or AUSTRALIAN server???
That question makes 90% depends on win for EUROPE or AUS.
American server :D!
So fucking idiot match. ! S00 easy to europe
nah cmon that will be so izi.... its like med+ vs high+
and will the austrialians have a coach?
omfg, marv sucks take perfo
go euroooooooope!!
for those that have trouble reading, i'll post it again

"All should have similar pings! i think Europe 150-200 (maybe extra for some, ie. Night) and all Australia 200ish except iceman34 who will have 240"

it's a west US server
Your bet: 56975€ on Europe
Possible Win: 71219 € (+14244 €)
lold tbh...2 izi for eu
kot > rest of Europe > Australia :)

easy for europe
gl aus team <3
gl :)
on Kazachstan server ping will be even ^^
ehm, wheres australia?? xD
Kangaroos for tha win :D
TeKoa? Oo i tought he retared from et
ye thought same :P anyway easy bashor for eu
aus 0:4 eu
thats too easy for europe :x
remove marv and take in j0nas, mAus, perf0, mize, scoOt, Allu or so
yup :)
Worm has spoken.
alles goed me u? :p
fijn fijn, exames 15jan, dus blok nu :P en met u?

Wanneer spelen jullie nog eens met ettv? <3
binnekort met de OC/WL finale's :P
en goed rapport dus alles cava he.
gl met studeren btw, ge geraakt er wel door :p
finger crossed voor de examens :P

Maar ik zal wel de wars volgen! gL .::. hF
viol - sco0t is high skilled remember
GL euro
You can't let the Aussies play 6 hackers, that would be unsportsmanlike.
no coach for AUS?
Gl europe TeKoa ftw
Europe doesn't need luck. Imo this match will not be fun to watch unless Australia get to use all 7 players at once :D
EUROPA > world
eu all stars team vs world all stars team will be nice
need seferus and fimystic !!!
Your bet: 24€ on AUS
Possible Win: 120 € (+96 €)

As it all depends on ping..

That was btw half of my money..
1 month ago I had 500€, now i have 48€ :D

GG bets.
and today u'll have 12
Your bet: 265€ on Europe
Possible Win: 331 € (+66 €)
nice pot imo :D 500k inc
Team australia = Modus Operandi imo

ez bash europe
fuck off we smash mo!

mAus and Perfo in k thx
BTW marv in lineup=easy win
easy bash for europe cuz they got kot and marv :)
europe ;D
eeNight - all!
wheres dersaidin?!
this european lineup is rly ownage O_o
gl riCo!
if i was a coach of eu team i would let play potter or winghaaven instead of urtier...
The problem is urtier is the coach :|
if I was coach, honestly, oNlY players from GErmany would participate in EU squad. FoR they are the proverbial crEam of thE CROP.
in eu r lot of high skilled players, who can play in this match. And not only from ger, ger r not ET gods!!!
they should have taken me instead of tekoa! :>
go aussies!!! woo
heh :D but eu still will win gl and hf :)
Your bet: 16€ on AUS Possible Win: 80 € (+64 €)

very very very iZi for Crocodile Dundees
aömost the best lineup 4 europ. so they killen the crocadil hunters. sry aus. 4-0 easy. urtier is a mothafuckin russian. please bet 4 australia!!!!!!!!!!! idle 4live
Total pot: 951102 € - record ?

It will be funny if Aussies win.
yeah would be cool if aus win hehe...many haters would be there ai
Replace marv with mAus and tadaah! We have the 6 best players in ET (decluding Ferus)
marv > mAus
marv is better imo
Ferus is not the best player imo ... Most fan player!
i agree, how can he be the best player, if he isnt active atm
that's the reason why...
onniit imo parempiiki ;)))
4-0 euro
Your bet: 5€ on Europe Possible Win: 6 € (+1 €)
GG! 4-0 for Europe but tence match..
wp both, tekoa was uber on sd
gg's guys :)
gg wp, nice match
[15:11:13] [@gtv`skooli] 949476€ / 951102€ was set on EU
Nice game, well played.
Australia should quit ET. They got owned so badly.
I'm sure you would do better vs that EU lineup. We didn't do too bad considering there's only 2-3 really competitive teams in Australia.
love retards like you :S

wp australia
That's not a right way to talk to your momma. :'(
who established the eu-team?
very nice beginnings of maps from australia, the rest of maps was not so good but i think they were better then i expected
i think australia did iight....sondiering there just getting on the map with ET :D
mystic and wing should play :) mystic too easy for him wing spawn killing :)))
mAus has been avenged