Sleeperz vs Keskus Rikos Poliisi (7510 views)

ee hell
gb griim
no Eirik
rs Lazio
dk xcn_
fi homo-bLINDIERi
fi Lavis Danzos
fi malmin_repe
fi ruipperoreri
fi Sample
08.06.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 Ladder » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: Lazio (Requestee)
Maps: Sw_goldrush_te
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Total Pot: € 84756
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Broadcasted by

Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 107


ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for rupperi
ez for f5
ez for mind
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for hell
Tuo latauksien sulkeminen harmittaa aina sit seuraavalla kerralla
ez for f5 & zZz
ez for Lavis Danzos
gl mind
"CB ET Europe 5v5 Ladder"... nice way of making prac more interesting aleks...
ez for f5

except for mind
ez for f5
ez for f5
ez for f16
KRP line-up
fi shit-blindieRiiiiii
fi HoN-Player
fi taZOR (c)
no ati no win
xcN stabber >:
What are all KRP real names?
blindi sample ensam taz olbaa
awesome game ; 2:2
ez for smokenninja... oh wait
You have € 1000 on dk zZz
You lost

fu Lazio
Nice ending
So, the question, I suppose, is did KRP get someone on ettv to tell them where zZz were (especially lazio) during the pause? I'd be surprised if they didn't, tbh :(
They did :p
Shame they had to resort to that, when you weren't in position to hold it for 90s anyway - none of the medics had enough ammo and they were gonna camp out the fops next spawn.
Indeed wouldt last 90 sec's with luger, Was on my way down but sample was hiding and got me :(
Exactly what i was thinking about
wtf is this? ppl are joining and accusing us of something like cheating?
you just mad cos we rolled you last night :)

like we'd needed to cheat to win zZz. not like they werent bad or anything (were a lot better than FiF for example) but I really cant see us losing a game on them :D
Could have been 4:0 to us if Lazio didn't get crushed on grush :D Anyways gg wp.
If you see my above comment, I agree that you didn't need to cheat to beat them, which makes an even bigger shame that you did so.
well, since I got no way to proove that we didnt abuse ETTV so I really cant be arsed to even try.
And to be fair, for our third ever prac day, against the CB LADDER NUMBER ONE TEAM!!!1111, 4-2 wasn't a terrible result ;)

Sidenote: Why the fuck do I not have any demos/stats/screenshots from any of my pracs yesterday? I demo everything! o_O
They obviously did, but I guess we can't blame em for it, ETTV's should just get longer delay then.
how the hell 4 of us crashed on vent and server? kamz hacked again i see
did you reconnect or just 999?
You have € 204 on fi krp
You won € 285.6
You have € 150 on dk zZz
You lost
sad fins are sad