Poland vs Latvia (13123 views)

15.01.07 21:15 CET
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET NationsCup X
Manager: lab (Leagueadmin)
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poland!!!:O ftw!
GO GO GO SPEEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GL Latvia
very easy for Poland
btw kot>Latvia
pol ftw
easy 4 Poland > Latvia
100% poland!!:}
Easy for Latvia.
2 izi for pr0land ^^
easy for poland
to easy :)

Your bet: 74€ on POL
Possible Win: 93 € (+19 €)
tough match...
Poland ofc ;) gl Lativia :)
Poland girls = kurwas < Latvian secksi girls
Sooo.. L33tland FTW!
Your mom is kurwa!!Poland 4 sure...
danish girls > all
Easy 4 poland
I'll do my best :)
Gl dunno :*
imho kot > lat
gl :*
well, gl to latvia :)
poland > netcorders. :D
PL ofc, gl kot
ez bash for speedy from #baklans.et
pl fo sho
gL mata
go go go POLAND :]
kot the best!
Go Poland.
50€ on POL
Possible Win: 63 € (+13 €) :* .
mata and fuzz ftw!
gl pl. i have bet on you ;)
gl to da robot and the ninja! <3
omfg latvia is noob team im>all latvia players!!!! Fuck latvia lame!
grow up
10€ on Latvia Possible Win: 50 € (+40 €)

Go Go latvia!!!
pls turn off computer
too fuzzy for Poland
too easy for Latvia :P
unfortunately you're mistaken.. =(
easy for pol :DDD
4-2 latvia :p
izi fpr kot <3 & co.
eazy bash for latvians, poltards are supergay
polish lineup ?
very easy 4 pr0land pl kot > lv Latvia. Go Go Go POLAND <333
edit: probably pol lineup:
pl rico
pl gotti
pl wiesiek
pl wrobel
pl robol
pl kot
pr0land, yeah right. wannabeproland mbe yes...
by looking at the comments of the polish here poland is definitely not pr0land :)
proland :) will win

ofc i think Poland win...
POLAND ofc :)
plwiesiek destroy latvia
suka-team will win! :D
jebal, ka latvija rubiis poliju....
Your bet: 19901€ on LAT Possible Win: 99505 € (+79604 €)
Hopefully PuRe PwN@gE will have no problems tonight
Easy for kot
ye easy 4 u fucking hardwarebanned bitch k thx
latvia will surprise everyone and will win!
Your bet: 160€ on POL
Possible Win: 200 € (+40 €)
need MORE pl shoutcaster....

pl 4:0 lat
P®LAND ftw
500 on POLSKA x]]]
easy for poland xD
Poland FTW!
Easy for poland!!!POL 4:0 LAT
After what I seen in the NETR vs hx match I will surely bet on Poland.
i can see that ur a very rich man! :P
Poland ftw !
Latvia are suprising and they keep doing it
so my money on LAT
Go, go Pr0land!

Poland 4:0 Latvia
Good luck both teams

Good luck fergyc, it's your first Shoutcast if I'm correct? :)
yes I tried last night but my pb was out of date
Your bet: 90€ on POL Possible Win: 113 € (+23 €)
Your bet: 383€ on POL
Possible Win: 479 € (+96 €)
Your bet: 9900€ on POL
Possible Win: 12375 € (+2475 €)
gl clown :0(
Dunno peuniz!
Gonna be a close game!
Easy for PL:P But GL dunno :D
so easy for PL ;///
kot playing?
5-0 pol
btw kot > russia
wrobelku wiesiu rico gl <3 <3 <3
R1co jak nie wygracie to sie chyba powiesze :P
chester > r1co

chester > r1co

chester > r1co

tu widzimy polaka w roli idioty
niestety czasami tak bywa
sa ludzie i parapety
all in polska
Nice pot.
wow money bet over 1mil
easy 4 POL :)
Poland 1.25 vs 5.00 Latvia Total pot: 1143740 €
Your bet: 65€ on LAT Possible Win: 325 € (+260 €)
Go Poland :)
latwians ftw ^^
Your bet: 24000€ on LAT Possible Win: 120000 € (+96000 €)
Mashed i can only say stfu @ teamchat. Let admins do their job kthx :>
It's not Mashed's fault, don't blame him !
proland 2 : 0 latvia
is it finish score?
I hope so :p
poland 2:38 on frost, now latvia attacks
hah 4:0 nice, GG
gg 4:0 for poland!!!!!!!!!
:) pol pwn
4:0 for pol
attitude > result
kot, nice support on frost :)
wp pol
wannabeproland won this one. luck
gg speedy :(
internet > fuzz
clown > dentist
no gg for poland, hope you will lose your next game :(
die 4 aids ! plssss
true! pity that u were lagging, you couldnt own as usual :(
I just hope, that not all polish people have attitude like in nation team...
sure not, for example im nice! :D
fu :X
awesome attitude from poland, looking forward for next matches!
nice attitude poland
now burn in hell, bastards.
tell me what happened pls, seems like ive missed it :P
sorry to all latavians but 3 of our key players play in EC[yes, im talking about NETR] and its reallt hard to find other date... Get more skilled clans and u will have same probs
Team Poland are the best ! We are going for next cup !! yeahh :) GG Team Poland !
I wanna see ranking for most hated nations in ET scene
kiddies like you should stfu
this game was reshedule one time before so be quiet
hi fuzz, now you can die of aids !!!
Look who's talking... Oh, it's unknown fake!
Oh plz ... We had to agree for latvian date, cause they couldn't play on monday tuesday wednesday ... anyway they gave us only 2 dates to choose which actually didn't fit us, but ok we agreed to play on monday. FF and Netr couldn't play on monday cause of NC match. Latvians didn't tell us before the match that want to reschedule it so plz stop whining. We could leave server after 15 minutes but we waited for 6th latvian player about 50 minutes, but still we are "bad guys". Stop whining and next time try to get more players. For example vs Portugal we had problems with 3 players didn't have rifle, but we were playing without whining. Btw. it was last day of quaterfinal matchweek.

Oh and those poor latvian guys were so kind before the match and didn't want to tell us what map they've chosen one hour before the match.
Why should I give you our map choice? I thought i only have to give to admin, no? Read the chat when you were so "nice" and waited for us, when you could have actually allowed reschedule on ANY of the dates/times you wished. Acting like dickheads in global chat and not allowing us to reschedule is a shit attitude, you should be ashamed of yourselves not giving excuses why you acted like that.
dont call these stupid nabs as latvians, they all are poor russian imigrants,
gl pol in final with ger