imposito vs logic (4327 views)

nl rezta
nl zenix
nl flexican
nl xeoxis
nl depwner
nl creaji
ch Aspa
fr invi
fr momo
fr Riggs
fr Sword
Third league Final
28.06.10 21:00 CEST
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Game: et Enemy Territory
League: CB ET 5on5 OpenCup Spring 2010 » Matchlink
Hosting: ClanBase
Manager: zenix (Requestee)
Maps: Not announced
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Total Pot: € 35547
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Enemy Territory TV

Total Slots: Auto
Viewer Peak: 16


succes mannen
Logic lineup:


Gl both
Gl aan je zelf wensen? :D
ja, dat houd de teamspirit erin :)))
iemand moet het doen heh.
gl <3
gl impo
gL imposito maar dit gaan jullie niet redden..
ondanks dat ik creaji mag, geef ik dEzz gelijk!


Lowskilled NL team :D , toch gl!
we r going to get bashed hard by these guys olololol!
np for logic
:DDD imposito will fail even more than France :DDDDDDDDDDD
np for Zenix but logic will win !
zenix and rezta will finally get bashed

:D nice vampire Twilight ftw
su edward is teh hottest you werewolf lover
ed probeert de odds weer hoog te krijgen of wat?
gl imposito, you gonna need it vs these nerds
You have € 1000 on eu logic Cancel bet
Possible win: € 1270

Vous ne m'avez jamais déçu :XD
div 3 dans la poche les logic. HF
gl zenix :>
You have € 6 on imposito
Possible win: € 9.06
gl logic !
word en moeilijke jongens :p
gl boys
fan boy
gl rezta, Sword ;)
bizzy going to play instead of creaji, because creaji is sick :(
easy bash for imp
hey steff, succes strakssssss
gl logic, gl riggs
You have € 83 on nl imposito Cancel bet
Possible win: € 441.56
Go logic et go invi ^^
go go go invi !
GL zenix&rezta
gl imp
Go Rezzieeee
gg im not playing anymore sorry, thx for 1 round
thx for match logic nice team, deserved win.
really unexpected
bizzy didnt show, one guy let us down because he was sick. we played like mix.
Logic really played good as team, no chance for us.
Logic are really good, I don't think it's "unexpected" tbh.
imo you are right! and then i had to paly. omg i was so bad :D
well i think we had a chance with a full pracced lu;)

but we havent pracced for weeks accept from some offi, some players werent able to play and i had to quit because a badly headache;/

im not saying we would have bashed them or what ever but atleast we had a little chance
oh dear, oh dear

it was a sarcasm, logic are nerds who play in the low leagues to get a free pokals

i was 101% sure that they gonna win with impo, they raped us lately and we had a tight game with impos
jebany low
it was not really tight, we just played bad on radar.
We didn't play one single game good. All our matches where bad from our side, but it was still mostly good enough.
But against logic you cant play bad and win :)
it was lol, even @ decider we had like 5 minutes to build the crane @ sd but we failed
radar was tight, we just lost it because of lack of tactics.
supply we played bad again and it was still enough.
Just stating the fact, we didnt play one single round good. But it was good enough to reach the final.
Semi final was tight, the match versus you guys we never had the feeling we could lose it tbh.
You have € 6 on imposito
You lost Thank you ! :-)
vRaj : Bet on us, we have a good shape:P:) and thx earlier coment. gl hf:)